The legend of Adam's first wife, Lilith

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    The first chapter (perhaps the first few verses) of Genesis describes the creation of both a male & a female on the (I think) 6th day. Later (perhaps in the second chapter), Adam is described as the only creature without a mate. He is put to sleep & Eve is created using flesh from his side (The use of a rib is a mistranslation of the original text).

    The above seems to imply the creation of a woman prior to Eve, resulting in various myths & novels about a woman usually called Lilith. The name cannot be found in the bible & I am not sure of its origin.

    In some myths/novels, Lilith & her descendants are evil. In other myths/novels, she & and her progeny are good. In all the stories, I have read she & her descendants have special abilities/powers.

    I am an atheist who views religious writings as interesting.

    What do those who profess to be Christians or Jews think about the the above?

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