THE HYPOTHESIS OF BIO INTERNET. what do u guys think about this theory..


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The hypothesis of biological internet

(the source of universal knowledge)

As you know there are many similarities between a human body and a computer. A human body is a biological supercomputer .So if computers have a internet then why not humans .That crossed my mind and i thought that if a human body is a supercomputer then it must have a biological Wi-Fi router with it. Then i thought what about the signal transfer then i think about trees. What if trees are like Towers who transmit the single to all over the world. Then i think we also must have biological you know that telepathy is my view the simple theory about telepathy would be that we use our biological Wi-Fi router to send thoughts ...the tress acts like towers and transmit the single to all over the world. and the person picks the thought though his own biological Wi-Fi router.
So i think that we humans also have a big biological internet. This biological internet is the source of all knowledge. Think about it albert Einstein didn't born with the knowledge he discovered he must had accessed the biological internet somehow with his superconscious... so somehow the superconscious must act like a bio Wi-Fi router and the trees acts like towers and creates the biological internet and connects us with the biological internet
So this means.....

We humans also have a big biological internet ...which is full of knowledge. Or u can say the source of universal knowledge.

our super conscious acts like a bio Wi-Fi router..

The trees acts like towers and transmit the singles to all over the world and connects us with the biological internet.

Trees maintain this biological internet.

]I know it is just a hypotheses and I don’t have many scientific evidences right now…the only evidence I currently have is this…

As you know man progressed on the scientific discoveries .From the ancient time to now we humans progressed because of science…

Science progressed with the help of the geniuses who discovered new scientific ideas. Like the first man who discovered fire, like albert Einstein who discovered the e=mc2 newton and many others…
But do u ever wonders how they discovered it .does they born with the idea or they are geniuses or they have big brain power. Most of the geniuses even don’t complete school. Some sucked at mathematics, some on history, some on how they discovered it.?

That is where the biological internet theory comes in. let’s explain this with the help of biological internet theory.. Most of the geniuses find a problem from nature like newton found a problem from nature that why the apple fell on the ground? Why doesn’t it go up?

As you know the super conscious of human mind is source of all knowledge. They say it is the drop of god. But does the super conscious really know all the knowledge of the universe or does the brain know all the knowledge. Or does the super conscious of the geniuses have all the knowledge of universe. What do u think how does the geniuses gets the answer accidently…or it is just an accident.

Not really. So think it like this… newton found the problem then thought about the answer. Somehow he knew how to access the biological internet. his super conscious which acts like a Wi-Fi router connects with the biological internet ..(biological internet is the source of all universe has all the universe knowledge. Note that trees acts like tower here to transmit the signal). His super conscious then searches the biological internet and finds the answers. Then newton gets the answer.

Look how simple the biological internet theory is. It is same for the ancient philosophers like the Buddha, guru Nanok , Mahabir, Constantine ,other grade religious philosophers who gave us the idea of love between humans. They knew how to access the biological internet and get the knowledge.

The biological internet contains all the knowledge u can imagine

Now the benefits we can get if we progressed on biological internet theory or u can say the biological internet hypotheses

Image what happens when everyone can access the biological internet. Imagine all the knowledge we can get. We don’t have to wait for some genius to come up and find a new discovery….when everyone can accesses the knowledge of biological internet. The humanity will progress with the speed of light.
how many discoveries can be made if we can access the biological internet which has all the universe knowledge.

We can cure cancer.

We can invent bio machines. We can stop hunger. We can invent a technology that is friendly with nature.

we can save the planet.

As you can see the possibilities are unlimited.

And I am still researching on this hypothesis hopefully I will complete
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btw it is not the knowledge u get from biological internet.u get it form your subconscious .which post would be in which forum u already when your subconscious saw this post on wrong forum it informed you suddenly.then u acted on the suggestion of your subconscious and moved the thread to the right place.
Some proponents of psychic connectivity would agree with you in a sort of way. [collective consciousness etc] However as most persons seriously troubled by that psychic internet connection know .. there is , like the material internet, an awful amount of crappy misleading info available to keep you on your toes, so to speak.