The Greatest Game of All:


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And so it begins the 2020 season starting with the celebration of two proud cultures that will come to a head on Saturday when the men's and women's Indigenous All Stars and the Maori All Stars face off at the Gold Coast in Queensland

I certainly hope the Rooster's loss for the season, Latrell Mitchell has found himself and leads his side to victory..........
the video of highlights of last years game....

Not to forget the Club championship on Sunday morning [AEST] between my team the Roosters and the English club champions St HELENS:

OK season over with my team the Roosters being knocked out in the semis...still not bad considering the horrendous number of injuries.
The Melbourne Storm have beaten the Penrith Panthers 20-26 in the GF.
Now for the State of Origin series!
Speaking of which It must be asked what fool in the NRL heirarchy decided to bow to political extremism and not start the game/s of with the National Anthem?
Thank Christ the PM showed some backbone for a change and got the NRL to reverse the decision.
Shame on the NRL in the first place for even contemplating such crap!

Of course the Blues again to win the series making it three years in a row!!!
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