The Feminization of Man

You are free to view me as less of a human regardless of my sex or gender.
i never meant it, even in my dreams.
if you are woman i accept my defeat. i regard woman far more intelligent than me, far more capable.
the writing accent, that's why i asked.
I don't think females are necessarily as you describe "feminization". I think that's a role they've been given to keep them out of the way, even to make them seem more tame. Females are problem solvers. Men are go getters. That's the roles that we have been allowed by society due to the fact that men are stronger than females. It started out as a physical thing, but it's seeped into social expectations. For example, if a man cannot open a door, he will try to knock it down. A female can't knock it down, so she'll try to figure out a way to pick the lock or convince someone else to knock it down (both more problem solving oriented than the man's actions)

It's not a matter of being a victim or being innocent or whatever, that's just convenient labeling.