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Nostradamus said that the antichrist would be from the east and would march from China with 200,000,000 men.
The way I see it is that in about 2015 or so the chinese north koreans and Iranians will truly try to take over the world and with as massive a population base as China has then we should be very worried. Its already starting as we see Iran and Pakistan starting up nuclear programs and with China having nearly as advanced an armament as the united states NOt to mention that China is becoming more and more powerful every day with its people making an average of 16,000 a year up from 7,000 in 1990 and with the chinese military expansion I think that in 5 or six years they will be the super power. Any comments or arguements are welcomed and enjoyed
Nostradamus said a lot of things in his quatrains. None of the ones I've read were so literal as to name what country the antichrist (if there is such thing) would come from. Could you post it so we can read it and offer our opinions?

(By the way, I'm feeling a little cranky right now, so my only suggestion is to nuke them all off the face of the planet before they can start trouble. j.k.)'s damn lucky we got the nukes first, so we have the luxury of murdering billions of people solely to preserve our way of life. This is a new level in evolutionary perversity. We're actually killing each other to protect ourselves.

Seriously though, there is a great problem brewing. The 4 or so billion proles of the world are getting mighty pissed off, and they're arming themselves. We are looking at a traditional revolution scenario, only this will be the first international revolution, where the Marxian classes are entire nations.

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With the current level of sloppy job performance, burning flags, etc., how is America supposed to win against another up-and-coming superpower? Especially when we're outnumbered, we all have the same toys, and their education results are higher? Where has America's care and conviction gone?

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Vanja- We don't all have the same toys. What do you think those "black projects" are? You don't really think the government actually pays 2 billion dollars for a hammer, do you? They have to justify the expense somehow, so they feed us a story about contracts and set prices. I don't know about you, but if a government guy comes in and wants to buy a nail for 4 million bucks, I'll make the sale and retire. There just aren't that many millionaires out there to validate this.

"The business of America is war." Sad, but apparently true. When it comes to killing thousands upon thousands of people, we have the toys to do it with. I think that the fact that we haven't openly slaughtered everyone who hates us speaks volumes about our self-restraint, or else about how much our government fears the American people.

Maybe I'm just deluding myself, or maybe it comes from the cocksure stance of living in an area that is very valuable to the government, but I sleep easy at night knowing that if anybody overtly touches my homeland, they're going to get slapped into yesterday.

(Notice I said 'overtly'. I know about the hinky goings on with spies and the training of foreign soldiers.)

"Shine, sweet Freedom..."
As it is right now, America may have military dominance through technology and industrial strength, but this is certainly a temporary situation. America is a very small nation, population-wise, and does not deserve the world's attention.

What concerns me is that other nations are moving suprisingly quickly to negate America's technological and industrial edge. China is an excellent example. I remember only a few years ago being amused when China's first communication satellites (made out of bamboo, in fact) crashed (near Taiwan, I think). Three or four years later, China has a brand-new launch site that rivals anything America has, along with plans to send men to the moon in the early millenium. This technological advancement is astonishing. It's clear that America will be at a technological and military disadvantage in the next 20 years. I only fear that as America's star fades, she will turn more and more to fascist ideals in an attempt to restore past glory.
Whic is all the more reason to keep plenty of funding going to National Defense and ousting any neo-luddites who believe that the old ways were best.

"Shine, sweet Freedom..."
Yes, but that is only going to delay the inevitable. The world is changing. Thinking otherwise will only make the transition that much bloodier.
What would be a bizarre situation would be if the nature of war got so scary that NOBODY wanted to risk it, not even the despots and terrorists, and everybody started negotiating and behaving like rational adults for fear that a war WOULD break out.
You mean a cold war?

(I don't mean to say that the last one involved any mature, rational thinking)

It's possible, though I don't think terrorists are sane enough to consider fully the consequences of their actions (they have a suicidal flair). The government is right to be scared of that sort of subversion.
About Nostradamus:

L'an mil neuf cens nonante neuf sept mois,

Du ciel viendra vn grand Roy d'effrayeur:

Resusciter le grand Roy d'Angolmois,

Auant apres Mars regner par bon-heur.


The year 1999 seven month,,

From the sky will come a great King of terror:

To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois,

Before after Mars to reign by go

What people often do is translating the translation. And since the translators are often wrong, then the translation of the translation is wrong. (???)

I will find your Quatrain, this is the most famous one though, but i'll find the quatrain you are reffering to.

I do not believe China will be the agressor that "everyone" thinks. I think we might see a new "cold war" where the arms race starts again. But that is it.

USA has lost its vision for sure, and i bet they'd do anything to set another goal.

"It's always easier to ask questions than to give the answers. The Questions are almost always innocent, but the answer's are most often not".

Haakon T Haug ( aka H-kon)

Your comment regarding 'scary' weapons is historically interesting. Alfred Nobel (as in Nobel prizes) was a chemist who invented many things. Of important note as far as modern warfare goes, he invented nitroglycerine and TNT. It was his opinion that the destructive power of such weapons would be too great for anyone to dream of using. Well, he was a little wrong. In fact, part of the reason (at least to personified history) for him making the Nobel Peace Prize was to 'make up' for the damage he unknowingly caused in his inventions.

I mentioned this before (I'm still to lazy to verify that it was he), but I think it was Socrates that complained that the only ethical advancements humans have made is to account for new technology, while the base ethics and behaviors don't seem to change.

In short, I don't think there is such a thing as a weapon too frightening to use. While we Americans talk about other countries getting nuclear weapons, let's see what happens if it is suggested that we get rid of ours. We are also the only country to use these weapons on a human population.

Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
-Mark Twain
It's already been suggested, and the response was the same one given by every other nation with nuclear weapons: "You first..."

I was talking hypothetically about a weapon too scary to use. I have faith in every society's ability to wipe another or itself off the face of the map.

Of course, even if the human race does destroy itself, another species will come along and attain the same, if not worse, level of destructive capability. This is, I believe, a byproduct of the survival instinct. It's kind of a trade-off. "Okay, you get to be the dominant life-form on the planet. The catch is, you're never going to outgrow the savagery that put you there. If you do, you lose and a species willing to hang onto it will get to be the dominant life-form and will probably eat you." (Boy! Imagine Komodo Dragons with guns! Then again, considering their numbers, imagine gophers with guns!)

I'm not sure if I'd rather be a gopher or a Komodo Dragon if I had to be a species other than human. Komodo Dragons are cool, but gophers don't have to work as hard for their food. On the other hand, nothing eats a Komodo Dragon...

Hey, everybody! If you had to a terrestrial species other than human, what would it be?

(I'm rambling. I know. I'll shut up for now.)
I think I'd be a pre-earth spirit which becomes an angel of God to help those on earth who are struggling with their existence.
I think I'd like to be a cockroach. I think THEY are going to be the next dominant species - they will probably be just about the only survivors once we get around to nuking the whole world. ;-)

Have you read "The Transition of Titus Crow" by Brian Lumley? It's one of his early works, on DAW Publishers. Directly inspired by Lovecraft, Titus Crow is removed from his temporal standard and placed sometime in the future. It's worth noting that, as the Earth's sun threatens to swallow the landscape, he is left standing and gazing at a mile-high statue of a cockroach.

"Let us not launch the boat until the ground is wet." (Khaavren of Castlerock)

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I'd like to object to all the China paranoia. First of all, U.S. is not nearly so little. While China has about 1.2 billion people, U.S. has about 300 million. That's a 4:1 ratio, which is not so bad. Furthermore, consider the relative abundance of resources. While U.S. has not even began to reach its limits, China is under continuous strain just trying to keep its population fed with the (relatively) little arable land it possesses. China already stringently controlls its birth rates in an effort to actually cut its population down to (eventually) manageable levels. On the other hand, U.S. is continuously absorbing immigrants, spawning multi-billion dollar companies and criss-crossing its territory with high-tech infrastructure.

China's space technology is laughable still. Their manned program is basically cannibalized Soviet technology from 30 years ago. Yes, China is definitely set to become an economic giant on a per-capita basis, but that will take (in my opinion) much longer than most people think. By that time, both U.S. and the rest of the world will grow as well, so a China-dominated Earth is unlikely.

Furthermore, talk about population: right next to China is India with 800 million people. That's 2/3 of China's population! Yet, somehow India is always on the sidelines...

I am; therefore I think.
mabe the only reason we are here is because E.T'S made us because they are fighting a war, or are going to fight a war, and want good soldiers, and what are the perfect soldiers????? humans.............
we are so distructive, that we blow up almost anything in sight, were the perfect shock troops. we really arnt that smart, but look at the grays, there hella smart, but look at their bodys, they cant fight worth shit, so the engieneered us, were basically stong, fast, quick thinkers, we can be sneaky, we have the perfect military minds, probobly the best out of most alien races. we thrive off of killing, but were stuck here, on earth, we are trying to get free to kill some more speicies, to gain control, but mosst of our poor, helpless minds cant figure out ho, their to cought up in how to do it fast enough to get out there to the other living things to distroy!

that is all


First inhale then exhale, it helps trust me.
If we are stupid how can we think quickly, be sneaky, and have the perfect military mind? All of witch things need some sort of smarts!

The Belief that there is only one truth and that oneself is in possession of it
seems to me the depest root of all evil that is in the world
-Max Born

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because dude,
we use our smartness in a stupid way.
and also, were stupid to other aliens and stuff prob. all we think about is fucking. i dont think the greys accually use almost everything for sex.

that is all