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Yup, soft tissue of an Egyptian mummy lasts no more than 5,000 years but the dino's soft tissue lasts 80 million years... What are you suggesting, that the dino took uranium pills?
Nope. That doesn't even make sense. "Uranium pills" would not preserve anything. 9000 year old mummies with soft tissue remaining have been discovered.
You are incorrect. Science reviews everything. Science reviews the writings of the Bible to check their veracity, no worship is involved.
No, they really don't. No scientists study the writings in the bible to determine if they are true or not.

Now, science can certainly study (say) the makeup of a scroll that was used as part of the Bible, and they can study the Black Sea deluge theory and say "hey, by the way, that could explain the Genesis story." But scientists do NOT study the bible and say "that's all true; it's real" (or "nope, all fake.") Two different magisteria.

It's not just the Bible. Scientists don't study the Star Trek warp cores to see if they really work or not - because, again, science fiction is a completely different magisteria. They may, of course, work on the Alcubierre Drive and say "you know, this could be a warp drive someday, similar to how the warp drive in Star Trek is portrayed."
Several ancient cultures of the world mention the deluge.
Yep. And it's very likely they got all those stories from one oral tradition.[/quote]
You and your millions years for coal.Lol.

Wake up, in a coal mine in the northeastern side was found deep inside fossils of animals, fossils of humans, trees and even primitive tools, In other coal mines, deep inside have been found elephant tusks. This kind of findings is getting more common now.

The invention of those millions of years for life on earth is already a debunked theory.

Again, you can state the universe is multimillions years old, after all nobody can confirm or deny such hypothesis and will stay as a conjecture forever.

But, about life on earth, such is a different scenario. The ancient wrtings taken as religious scriptures narrate from witnees the several events they passed in those old times. Their records are corroborated by the findings.

Noah's arc, by the description given in the Bible was a huge box, and the event happened when it was a sole continent in the world. About three generations after Noah, the huge continent split in the several continents of today. All of these happened just a few thousands years ago.
These claims of your about human remains and tools in coal are absurd. I challenge you to back them up with links to reputable sources. But you won't, of course: I don't think you have supported any of your claims on this forum with evidence.

Fossils of animals and plants are exactly what you should occasionally find, however. Most coal was laid down in the Carboniferous period, during which a great number of vertebrates and insects proliferated, including some spectacularly large dragonflies. However coal has also formed both before and after this period. If you include lignite (brown coal, which is really an altered form of peat), it can be as young as a couple of million years old. So you can expect the occasionla fossil from the period of formation to be found.

Coal is actually made from dead vegetation, so finding tree fossils is about the least surprising thing you can possibly say about it.

Noah's boat is spelt "ark", by the way. An arc is a segment of a circle or an electrical discharge.
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OK, Noah was down with God's will, so like, does that mean that the animals he picked up were chill as well?