The cover up of UFOs by US government

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Because i believe in dimension traveles and its the most explanation that makes sense the goverment have no other choice than make aliens as an excuse, but its a mystery why they wouldnt do anything about it it is a big issue it means they are trying to mislead the people and its not really whats happening, and when travelers come to my mind it seems to click every dots in our history the creation of impossible ancient buildings ufo visit in the past its support my speculation that timetravel exist well kinda its more of a dimensional travel.

Its not so much a dimension of travel as it is a dimension of symmetry.
I just went back (secretly) to 1942 to confirm I was born

I am happy to report that I was and I can show anybody the absolute truth of that by turning up at any location (you pay travel and 5 star hotel expenses)

I will bring my original Birth certificate and documentation of my age and because of my age I can confirm that cover up stories about UFOs and time travel have been around for yes at least 70 years

Even elected officials are replaced by look-alike aliens.

Oh no

After I read that I got concerned I might have been replaced with a look alike

I know what

I'll go back and observe myself right up until now just to make sure I'm not switched

First though coffee

This thread was pointless from the start, and it has been recently resurrected after a few years' silence.

I see no reason to keep it open.
Not open for further replies.