The completed Bohr atom

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Give it up Gareth.:rolleyes:
I'll be Gareth thank you. I feel honored you even use my name. By the way, you said you weren't a mod on the other site, but you abused your power after being corrected. Or is there just another exchemist lurking the scenes at science forums. I pitty that you did it bevause I'm upholding what I said there, I'll never return for the way you blatantly censored me when you hated being corrected on the mass vs matter issue concerning photons.
I think the scariest dialogue that has been made here, outside any disingenuous claims of plagiarism is in fact that exchemist can openly say I can't do math, when as another poster mentioned, no one ever demonstrates otherwise, except for genuine posters here who have took the time to read and understand what was said. By the way, I know LestWeForget, they are a friend of mine, they just got sick of the two faced vitriol that is never challenged here. It's not a big surprise, remember the time my ex boyfriend came here and started abusing me online because of his own mental issues and clingness after I dumped him? Oh the good old days when drama made the place a little more fun.

Oh well, I came back to clear some of the muddy waters, two birds, one stone and all that jazz.
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claims of plagiarism is in fact that exchemist can openly say I can't do math
Since you have been caught plagiarizing and I have never seen you do anything except low level high school math I would say I have to agree with exchemist. Now just go away, you were banned. Creating these sock puppets is just pathetic, go on now, shoo! shoo!
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