Thanks guys!

Cluelusshusbund's gender is puzzling too, for me anyway, but, live and let live.
O thats no secrete... im a man --- its always said it on my profile page that im a male.!!!

cluelusshusbund is a name i was given by the husband of my online wife about 20 years ago.!!!

What is in-question or me is whether he is a sock of someone else on the site. It's the only explanation I can think of why he would work so hard to put such a spin on his persona.

Well i have socks but dont do socks :)

Speakin of which;;; a time savin tip:::

Always put a mark you'r right shoes... gloves an socks... equals less lost time gettin dressed.!!!
Of all the members on this site, the one whom I was most confident was a girl was wegs. (This is a compliment.)

She is far more attuned to how people feel and interact - while being far less interested in massaging her own ego - than anyone else.
I have suggested more than once that she should consider a career in dispute resolution.

Now, if you want to test your gender-radar, tell me what gender you think Beer w/ Straw is. o_O
That is a great compliment, thank you! *blush*

I feel holiday cheer up in this thread. :cool:
Dave, I've been doing some investigative reporting and I've got to say "Thank you guys" for my "likes" rating. It turns out that "you like me" 18.84% of the time and Dave only 18.09% of the time.

It's hard not to cry...but thanks!