Technology matters?

Orinda Fernandez

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Anyone who's familiar with software change management? I am not tech savvy and I would just like to ask your opinion regarding this matter.

Our company is using an (cannot mention name) software (1.1) and later changed to 1.2. Its been a while that me and my colleagues are having a hard time using it. Do you think the problem is on our end? Any suggestions?

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No. No.

Although most likely the problem will have to be fixed on your end - it probably isn't in the bugs, but in the features (and lack of information, training, etc). Sorry about that. Good luck.
I talked to techies regarding our situation. Most of them said that its normal to experience difficulties. But then later on and in the right time, we will surely be able to adapt with it. They even gave options like trying to change provider like ETQ, Capterra, etc.