Superstring Theory.....How close?

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HOw close are we to actually solving this. I have heard much about it a Mr Kaku says we a very close but I want to know exactly what kinda timeframe we are talking here.

get a book ma friend...... i am currently reading "The Elegent Universe blahahhlablah" by Brain Greene. Quite reputed i understand.
and because i'm still reading the emperor's new mind (Penrose), all that my brain was has melted. which is useful......

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Originally posted by Panzer Dragoon
HOw close are we to actually solving this. I have heard much about it a Mr Kaku says we a very close but I want to know exactly what kinda timeframe we are talking here.
'Very close' is, I suspect, completely wrong. For several reasons.
While a lot of people agree that string theory - and in particular m-theory - have promise, they're far from universally accepted. Even amongst the assenters, there are many different views of what it is and how it works.

My feeling is that string theory will remain a fringe theory until it comes up with some way of being tested.
oh how true, but oh how pessimistic.
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I hate the superstring theory.

I can wait till it is disproved.

Why does everybody automatically believe everything they hear?

This is so stupid.

Open your eyes.

The only thing that superstring constitutes is horse dung. Just wait till it is proved wrong.
RE: Superstring Theory.... Hor clsoe are we?

Concerning the Superstring Theory, The Elegant Univers is a good book to read about the subject, but I believe I have a better one. You really should read a book called Time Travel In Einstein's Universe . It has some pretty good information in it. Now, how close are we do you ask? I would put my money on not close. I hope we are all actually familiar with it, and there besides mathematical equations, there isn't much ways to prove it. If we could see eleven dimensions, or a different universe, etc. Then maybe we could prove it. And, there are only a handful of people in the world (couple score) that can actually perform the quantum mechanical equations to solve it.
how come u dissin the string theory

What gives you any reason that the Superstring Theory is false? It makes perfect sense, and I don't think you have any reason to believe that, just making it up for some reason.
Do you imagine there is a difference in understanding and comprehension of a particular subject matter between those who read books and those who write them?

Consider that authors of "science made popular and understandable" have to over-simplify.
If you read the stuff but can't write the stuff you probably are not an expert.

So, will string theeory fall from favor because of dissenting popular opinion?

(Mr. G: don't be so critical. Fun is subjective.)
What exaclty do u mean? That the people don't like it because they do not understand it? Please simplify.
O, by the way, I do understand it, and comprehend it. (not saying I am an expert, just that I am familiar with it)
<<...What exaclty do u mean?..>>

I mean I should remain silent until I actually think about what I am wanting to say. ;)

String theory is a pretty decent theory that still hasn't explained away all the short-comings of the Big Bang theory.

And now there is another theory surfacing that might become better than string theory as a descriptive tool.
String theory ...

I can go along with ... at least a little ways.

But a 'two dimensional' membrane?

Kind of makes me feel I'm being strung along ... :D
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The new generation of quantum computers should be able to extend the hunt beyond M theory and up toward the 20 or 30 extra dimensions:)

Will it ever end:confused:
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