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Submerged Object The Pascagoula, Mississippi USO (Unidentified Submerged Object)

Pascagoula, Mississippi is a small southern city down on the Gulf Coast between New Orleans and the Florida Panhandle. Its beaches are not pretty and its ocean isn´t blue. There´s too much silt in the water from the Mississippi and the Pascagoula River. So, it´s never gotten the tourism that Florida gets, never even as much as nearby Biloxi and Gulfport get with their man-made white sand beaches. Pascagoula is a deep-water port whose income is from shipbuilding and fishing and industry.

When I was a kid growing up there, I heard the "Legend of the Singing River" like everyone else. If you go down to the bank of the Pascagoula River at about dusk, you can sometimes hear a sound over the wind that sounds like singing or chanting. The story goes that this singing is the ghostly sound of the Pascagoula Indians, who walked into the river over four hundred years ago holding hands and singing to drown themselves in a mass suicide. There are a couple of different stories about exactly why they did this, but the oldest one says that they were compelled to do so by the river goddess whom they worshipped and whom they had made angry when they allowed themselves to be converted to Christianity by as visiting priest.

In the Mississippi Sound just off Pascagoula lie a couple of islands. Round Island is nearest. It´s a small island covered with tall trees and with a deserted lighthouse. Further out is Horn Island, a long narrow island made famous by the artist Walter Anderson who spent much of his life on the island painting birds and fish and other wildlife in his unusual style.

Pascagoula has had its share of unusual events. In 1973 Calvin Parker and Charles Hickson claimed that on the evening of October 11, as they were fishing from a pier at Shaupeter Shipyard on the Pascagoula River, they were abducted by aliens in a UFO.

One of the oddest Pascagoula events, and perhaps the most credible, is one that occurred on November 6, 1973, soon after Parker and Hickson´s experienceŠ

Just off the coast to the southwest of Pascagoula, between the ship channel and Round Island, are some old oyster beds where fishermen go in the evening and fish for mullet with nets from small boats, usually catching about a ton of fish per boat. On the evening of November 6th, the Ryan family, consisting of 42-year-old twin brothers Rayme and Raymond, Rayme´s son Larry, age 17 and Raymond´s son Earl, 16, were at the beds fishing. Also with them was the Rice family, consisting of Edward, age 48, Fred, age 35, Velma, age 37, and Eddie, age 15.

It was a clear night, with not much moonlight. At about 8:00 pm, Rayme Ryan spotted an object under the water near his anchored boat in about 5 feet of water. The object, whatever it was, was about five feet in diameter and had an amber light that seemed to come from a light source that was about three
inches in diameter. Rayme tried to poke the object with an oar several times. When he did, the light would dim, the object would move away a few feet and stop, and then the light would brighten again. Rayme called over the others, and for about thirty minutes this activity continued. Finally, Rayme struck violently at the object, and it disappeared. During all this time, no one caught any fish; the nets came in empty.

Rayme moved off about a half mile from the spot for thirty minutes and caught the only fish that anyone caught that night, about 400 lbs. When he returned to the buoy that he used to mark his "spot", though, he found that the object had returned and was sitting beneath the surface. He called the others over and showed them. By now they had had enough and two of the
fishermen went to the nearby coast guard station, arriving at approximately 9:30 pm. It was noted in the coast guard report that the two fishermen "appeared sober and extremely concerned about the object." guardsmen Lawrence Nations and Charles Crews were dispatched to investigate, arriving at the scene at approximately 9:40.

The coast guard teletype that was sent later stated:

Station personnel did in fact locate object, which had an amber beam approx. 4 - 6 ft in diameter and attached to some bright metal object moving at 4 - 6 kts. Object did in fact cease illuminating, changed to a different course, and re-illuminated itself. Subj object traveled several courses while illuminated. Station personnel could not identify object and has never seen
anything like it."

The object then vanished. The coast guardsmen returned to their base at 10:30 pm and the fishermen either returned to fishing or decided to quit.
The one net of 400 lbs of fish was all that they caught that night. The fishermen promised to return to the coast guard station the next day to give a formal statement of their experience. A daylight search of the bed area the next day yielded no results.

An indication of how seriously the incident was taken by the coast guard is the fact that they sent E. A. Wilbanks and Lt. Commander C. E. Dorman from the Naval Ship Research and Development Laboratory in Panama City, Florida to investigate. Wilbanks and Dorman interviewed the witnesses on November 9.

Their conclusions were:

1. At least nine persons witnessed an undetermined light source between the hours of 1930 and 2200 on the night of 6November, 193, at two locations separated by approximately 1Ž2 mile, in the vicinity of 88-36W, 3620N.

2. The characteristics and actions of the light source are not consistent with those of known marine organisms or with an uncontrolled man-made object. The object can not be identified at this time.

3. The presence of the object was associated with a significant variation in the fish catch in the area.

This is one of those interesting cases of a "USO" - Unidentified Submerged Object. Sometimes UFOs enter the water and become USOs, and there are reports of UFOs coming out of the water and flying off into the sky. One of the more famous UFO - USO cases is the "Shag Harbor" case.

So, what do you people think and/or know about USO's? This is just an article that I came across.
Seemed like a good introduction for a discussion on USO's in stead of UFO's to me.

Someone who knows more about it or has seen such an object? I am real curious to know...
I am a believer in the fact that the UFOs are not from space but are already here, and share our planet with us. If you want to see something with black bulging watery eyes look into your nearest fish tank.
There are nearly always increased sighting during times of major conflicts which could affect our planet, there was even a reported sighting at the time of the twin towers. For anybody to respond so quickly to world events they must be in the locality. Any one else agree?
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Well... I would say that you have a point here...

I guess they seem pretty close...
But and if they know what will happen before it actually happens? Like telepathy? Then, they would be able to appear in the right places at the right times! ;)

What do you say?


For some reason I can't understand, now that you talked about UFOs coming out of water... this doesn't seem strange for me... I guess I saw it in a movie... probably...

Well, anyways...
I guess most of the planet is covered by water...
So why not USOs!? :D

They are probably hidden below water, watching us not only from space, but also below water...

Have you ever heard about those hidden cities under water that the Esoteric people talk about? According to them, there's one here, in North Canada, above the Hudson Bay, under water. Do you know about that?

Yes. Oh my God... how can I post here with the English I have! Sorry about my bad English...

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Truthseeker, 'Sunken Cities' come under the realm of Pre-History and ancient civilizations and most are a consequence of natural catasrophe. I must admit I have not heard of any in your part of the world but will research.
As for the ABYSS syndrome- why not? It is believed we came from the water and evolved so why not the possibilty that some of our species evolved under water. The dolphin has a brain the size of ours so why not a species that has one with the power of ours, if not greater.
I do not want to get into the realm of 'little green' men from Mars but our scientists believe that water is an essential condition for life which is why they are probing the Red Planet. Only last night on a TV programme it was said that if human existence was to survive indefintely in the face of impending natural disasters etc. we need to look at the option of possibly living on other worlds. Are we so superior that the possible inhabitants of another planet, faced with the same scenarios could not have thought of the same idea - and put it into practice.
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