subcontious poem.


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I've been reading some of the posts here and I believe this would be the right place to put this.

Lately I've been inspired to research alot into the nature of truth.
And even before I'd begun this I was writing some strange poems and texts.
Thoughts, seemingly springing from the inner dialogue, just jotting them down on paper. And being very surprized by the results, often not realizing what I've just written till I've read it.

Here is the latest.

In a dream
I saw the rock
And in the rock was knowledge (or wisdom)
And I saw the forest
In the forest was purpouse
I saw the mountain
And in the mountain was truth

I saw light
And in the light was a formless shape
Ever shifting and ever changing
I was engulfed by the myriads of meaning
Void of Logic
Yet perfectly real

Then she spoke (or 'The Mountain god spoke to me')
Through a flower she whispered
That I must seek to expand my perceptions
For I cannot see
That I am the rock
I am the forest and the mountain
bound by light

I don't fully know what to make of it. But it seems to make sense in a strange way.

I'm quite young and not very 'learned' yet if you will so I won't pretend that I'm knowlegable in the field of any kind of philosofy. But I've been having a hard time accepting the world to be 'the absolute truth' that I as a conciousness am nothing but chemical signals in a brain...
Maybe I'm just emotionaly distressed at the moment, I don't know´.

I'll leave it at that.
Wow. That is very insightful, especially for someone who is new at this. Kind of depicts that we are the truth. The purpose (forest) is to reach the sun/light (god?). We are born with understanding (but without realization)... Just my interpretation. Very interesting indeed. Though you may be young and new, I predict a long interest in philosophy.

Welcome to sciforums.
Thanks alot, realy.

From time to time I get these feelings, sort of 'yes that is it' and I feel it down to the bone. This was one of them.
You could interpret this in many ways, endlessly, thats the beauty of poetry. Now I didn't exactly come up with a theory and then transfered it to a poem, the words just came to me. Perhaps this is how thoughts are meant to be thought. Why argue?
To me the poem initself expalins its intention and it would be folly to try and expalin it in another way. So I can't say much about how people will interpret this, thats an individual thing. But anyone reading this, I love reading about how you have interpreted it, so don't hold back :).

Yes philosophy is definately something that I'm going to be interested in.
And yes I might stick arround a while, there are some truely excelent threads here.