Strange creatures caught on film

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Here's an interesting critter. What do you think it is? Note: posting pics of unidentified animals does not constitute the abuse nor the condoning of the abuse of said animal.

"A Scottish tourist was shocked when he saw the images of an unknown creature on his camera as he was taking pictures from inside a sea cave during a trip to Corfu in Greece. So far nobody has been able to positively identify the strange looking creature.

'There is no question that the sea holds mysteries and inhabitants beyond our imagination, that we are yet to encounter.

But a Scottish tourist was left in shock after unwittingly capturing the image of a bizarre sea creature in his holiday snaps.

Harvey Robertson, 52, was on a boat cruise with his family in Corfu when he took a number of photographs inside a sea cave.

He held the camera over the side of the boat to take pictures of the sea.

But when he lifted his camera back up, Robertson later realised a mysterious creature had appeared in one of the frames.

Robertson said: 'I have no idea what it could have been, I have never seen anything like it.'====
It could be anything. Might just be a piece plastic junk.
It does look like it could be plastic. There is something odd about it that looks off.
I thought it might be a river dolphin. But they said it was in a sea cave.

Here's another weird creature. What is it?

Glaucus Atlanticus.

I'll see in a few secs if i beat origin.

This is fun.
Damn! I figured it was a sea slug of some type, so I would had it if I was on line, it was at the top of the page in google.
Nope, I googled weird sea creature and had a lightning quick look through the animals.
Also spent a considerable amount of time looking into strange animals.
How are you doin that? Is there some way to enter an image in a search engine?
Yes - on Google you select "image" from the top-right, then just drag a picture into the search bar. Simples, really. :)
I think other search engines must do similar, but I mostly use Google.