"Stargate" a sci-fi history or something more?

Discussion in 'General Science & Technology' started by Ronhrin, Jul 31, 2004.

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  1. Ronhrin Registered Senior Member

    first off, I believe that almost everyone that's comming to read this thread is a fan of Stargate history and also has some ideas about modern physics..
    so here I begin my theory...

    is it possible or plausible to assume that it can exist some device similar to the stargate currently under use of some goverment?

    think about it..
    our tecnology is evolving faster and faster
    our space program is nothing more than a hoax
    we are slowing down our physical exploration of space
    and all those goverment secrecies and lies troughout the past years are poiting to a massive conspiracy to hide "something big" within the goverment

    I just believe it might be very plausible for we to actualy possess such a device

    what are your thoughts ond this subject?
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  3. Fraggle Rocker Staff Member

    The government kept the Manhattan Project a secret and we were all surprised when the first nuclear weapon was detonated. (Well, I was only 2 years old but my parents were surprised.)

    However, what surprised them was the fact that it was successfully kept secret, not that it was done. The science of nuclear physics was no secret. The theory of relativity could be found in any university library, and many graduate students in physics were required to understand it.

    The physics of wormholes -- or any way of breaking the universe's "speed limit" of one billion kilometers per hour -- would be just as revolutionary as the theory of relativity. It would take years of development and many people -- most of them university students or professors -- would be involved. These are not people who are good at keeping secrets, and the reserach would not even be classified as secret until it started showing promise. By then millions of people would have heard of it.

    When the Stargate is created, it is possible that the government will be able to keep it secret. But it is not possible that we would not already be aware of the underlying physics and expect that a Stargate would soon be constructed.

    The fact that no one, anywhere, has published any information about wormholes, Warp Drive, Starburst, Slipstream, or any variation on that theme, or even talked about people doing research that could lead to these inventions, is proof that they don't exist.

    The Stargate TV show makes it a little more believable because the Stargate was not invented on Earth. It was invented somewhere else, transported here, lost, and discovered by explorers. Earth people have figured out how to use it but are struggling to understand it. Only a few scientists like Colonel Carter, who already have sworn security clearances, have the vaguest idea of how it works. Their research is in fact hampered by the fact that they can't talk about it and so none of the thousands of brilliant physics graduate students on Earth can't help them figure it out.

    If there was a Stargate buried on earth and the government found it, then I think it would be possible to keep both its existence and the physics behind it secret. But that only happens on television.
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  5. Firefly Registered Senior Member

    Yeah but how similar a device? I thought Stephen Hawking recently said wormhole travel was actually impossible?
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  7. eburacum45 Valued Senior Member

    The theory of wormholes is progressing quite nicely, and the math describing them is pretty well understood; the problems are mostly practical, and revolve around the difficulty of obtaining enough negative (also called exotic or ghost) energy or matter to hold them open.

    Here are some abstracts concerning traversible wormholes; if you wade your way through them, you will notice that physicists are getting slightly more optimistic all the time.

    Hawking was talking about Einstein Rosen bridges, which are non-traversible.
  8. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member

    aaah to sci-fi subforum?
  9. Ronhrin Registered Senior Member

    so how do you explain that our space program is currently decaying in a increasing rate
    I mean.. it's obvious that in the next 100 years our planet will be almost unable to sustain life unless we be able to regress the process of destruction of our planet or actually colonise another..

    that doesn't explain the existence of stargate device
    but it sure was a good cover history

    I mean.. like you've said our understanding or wormholes physics is increasing, our tecnology level is increasing even more rapidly and yet our space program is almost stopped, this could point to the existence of something similar to a stargate being used by us..
  10. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member


    naw we will survive, its just human population growth will have to go in the negative soon. Its nothing war, world famine, are eventually cybrog overloads won’t do.
  11. Boris2 Valued Senior Member

    >>>> and yet our space program is almost stopped,

    you keep saying this but where is the evidence for this assertion? i would have thought it was just the opposite.
  12. vslayer Registered Senior Member

    wormholes could be quite possible, i will not dismiss them completely until evidence has been found either way. but anyway if wormholes did exist we would not be able to create them with any technology currently even theorised, the best we could do is run massive calculations and predict where thoy will appear
  13. dexter ROOT Registered Senior Member

    there is nothing like the stargate on earth. How do I know? because there is a TV show. If the government was trying to keep a secret, and someone, if even just randomly came up with the idea and made a series about it, the government, fearing exposure would probobly kill a few people. face it, if there is anything out there, its not aliens, nor a stargate. Its probobly something like infanate worlds, where its the same year, and your the same person. . . but everything else is different.
  14. ElectricFetus Sanity going, going, gone Valued Senior Member


    as for the space race: the fact we haven't been back to the moon yet. If the space race did not end decades ago we would have bases on the moon now and been to mars already! So yes the space age is in its dark age.
  15. kula (Memes enclosed) within Registered Senior Member

  16. Boris2 Valued Senior Member

    i doubt if we had kept going in the space race at the pace of the 70's there would have been similar disasters to the shuttles. the tech would have been pushed too far too quick.....also the exploration criteria has moved on from those days. we are now sending robots to check things out. and a moon base for what? easier to get to mars without going there first.
  17. kriminal99 Registered Senior Member

    I wouldn't put it past the govt do do something like this without telling us or even encourage a show like stargate to open peoples minds to it, but I won't bother speculating.

    If everyone was like me I wouldn't think they should hide it from the people but who knows how all those crazy close minded christians would react to something like that.
  18. Roman Banned Banned

    A democracy is inept at hiding anything for very long. I mean, look at the current administration. They try to cover stuff up, but it's just pathetic.

    The space race was a waste. Colonize other planets? Are you kidding? It'd take millenia to make Mars habitable, even if all our technology was triple advanced. We can't even decide whether a century and half of fossil fuels may or may not change the planet's temperature. How can we have any hope of living on Mars? Terraforming is something you read about in sci-fi. Space is a bust. It's like throwing your money into a cosmic void.

    The reason the U.S. 'cut' back (billions of clams is still a lot of clams) on space was that Communism was also a bust, not that there are actually wormholes leading to a infinite multiverse in different episode each week. The Reds aren't in space, so the U.S. doesn't need a Star Wars program anymore. Simple as that.
  19. Tristan Leave your World Behind Valued Senior Member

    First off, technology increases in geometric progression, so to triple our current technology will probably take less than 50 years.

    Secondly, Einstein once said that it would be impossible to split the atom. Before he even published his special theory of relatvity(1905?), there was a man named Kristian Birkeland who was toying with the idea of nuclear power by fisson... his problem? Funding.

    To make a claim that it will take 1000 years to make a planet which is quickly becoming a mere hopscotch away, a planet already proven to have water ice, a planet that is extremely habitible when compared to any other planet in the solar system (excluding earth of course), is ludicrious.

    In addition, space exploration is not slowing down, but accelerating quite rapidly. You guys think just because we went to the moon, that we should already be to Mars. What you must understand is that our current space exploration is scientificially driven. Going to the Moon was far from scientifically driven, in fact, it was politically driven. Quite simply, Im actually amazed that we are even doing as much space exploration as we are considering the current situation of the world and the hindering politics.

    Thats because there are so many variables that is nearly impossible to determine that. And then you have to take into account that it has happened before WITHOUT the presence of humans or burning of fossil fuels.

    You know what else is a cosmic void? Throwing our money into Iraq, to a people who wont change, because they dont want to. Throwing our money into a cure for cancer, because there isnt going to be a cure for a VERY long time (Its a multi-billion dollar business, a cure would have it come crashing down). The purpose of space exploration is for development in science and our species as a whole. There isnt just a whole universe out there so we can just sit on earth and twidle our thumbs. Its like getting married and having kids right out of high school, struggling to make ends meet for the rest of your life. What kind of life is that? There is an entire world called earth in which you could only hope to see maybe 10% of its wonders.

    They try to cover up stuff just like any administration. Because it needs to be done. People who work from 9-5 in america for 50 years will probably still have no idea what the real world is like, and if they did, they would be horrified. Think of any government as parents, whether you like it or not.


    P.S. What better way to cover up a "stargate" then to make a show out of it. Then anyone who actually makes a theory that it exists will be laughed at histerically and yelled at for "watching too much TV." And btw, I dont think there actually exists a stargate.
  20. Persol I am the great and mighty Zo. Registered Senior Member

    I've actually thought the same thing in the past. People are always screaming that 'the government' (I'm guessing that means all governments) cover up the proof of alien visitors because people aren't ready.

    What better way to:
    1) Discredit anyone that comes out with the story
    2) Prepare people

    than to make a TV show that it close to the truth?

    Mainly this thought was brought about for two reasons. The first was that it's a SciFi show and has been on for a long long time... always being able to find a new channl to pick it up. The second was the episode when that crazy alien (Marvin, Melvin, whatever) made a show called Womhole Xtreme... or something similarly kooky.
  21. Silas asimovbot Registered Senior Member

    Come again? I don't think so...
    Well according to what you just said we aren't exploring space at all! But if we (that is the West and the USA in particular) are slowing down the exploration of space it's for two reasons: a) space exploration is expensive and dangerous, and Congress is less and less willing to spend money and risk lives for basically very little return, and b) in the absence of the Soviet Threat and the more or less saturation point reached in spy satellite technology, there is no particular impulse from the military to increase space exploration further than we need to. Going to Mars, what's the point? There aren't any missile bases there.
    Nope, there's loads of governement secrecy and indeed lies, but that's just a natural part of government. 90% of the secrecy and lies is to cover up incompetence. I see no evidence whatsoever for any grand conspiracy.
    Where's the connection between any of these points you make and a Stargate? Even if there is a government cover up, isn't it much more likely that what is being covered up is an actual, you know, real thing? Rather than a far-fetched concept well over the limit of current scientific dogma and in the range of science fiction.
  22. Alsophia Theophilos Registered Senior Member

    Check out Quantum Zen and Space Travel. The Aliens are not only here, they have never left.
  23. Brains Registered Member

    Okay if we have a stargate then how the hell are we gonna get the other end of it to the place we need.
    And dont say put it through the stargate.
    God for a science forum there are some ridiculusly stupid people.
    Silas and tritian well said.
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