Star Wars vs. Babylon 5 -- Round Two of the Scifi competition

Which would win?

  • Star Wars

    Votes: 10 45.5%
  • Babylon 5

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Well, since Star Wars has beaten Star Trek, I guess we should move onto the next obvious match: Star Wars versus Babylon 5. The winner of this thread moves onto the next round; against Farscape (Which I will be very active in).

Babylon 5 would win because they have White Stars. There. No Death Star can defeat a White Star (Or a Membari war cruiser).
Star Wars wins because SW kicks more ass und it has better movies.
does Blabalong 5 have movies anyway? or is it just a tv show?
Have ye 'ere heard of the Starforge? It's a star that produces an infinite number of fleet ships for the Sith. Could be Leviathans, could be TFBSs, or it could be ISDs. depends on who is in control of the Galaxy at the time of the combat.
Play KOTOR 1 & 2 and youll know what im talking about.
Firstly - I think the argument should be confined to the Babylon 5 TV show vs, the Star Wars Films, because all the additional written SW claptrap is so far out of the realm of intent of the original (OK... and the "prequels") movies that it's like saying any legal document is part of the US constitution. (PC & video game "data" is, to my mind, not so much as worth considering here.)
Similarly, although the Bab 5 films were sometimes set within the framework of it, they seem to have a spotty record on adding to the story set out by Straczynski in the series.

That said, my vote goes to Babylon 5 for it's dealing with moral dilemmas more intricate than the nigh-infantile level of Star Wars, better character development, a better plotline, and well... let's face it, hotter space-babes.
you still have giant navy of ISDs and SSDs, billions of Stormtroopers, millions of Naval Infantry, and thousands upon thousands of support ships, in additon to the two Deathstars and the three Coruscant DSs shown in the rerelease of Ep.3.
i think Empire could whupp B5's ass from here to the nex thursday.
2 ancient races in B5, the Vorlons & Shadows, each possess at least one "Planet Killer" class vessel as well, however, and their own space fleets of brobdignian proportions.
And while there's no objective way of determining whether or not the weapons of the Imperial spacecraft would be effective against them, those of B5's "lesser races" (humans, and sundry alien life forms.) have little or none.

It is therefore conceivable that the 2 aforementioned races alone could fight any force fielded by the Empire to a standstill.
standstill, huh?
is this First Empire or Second Empire they're fighting?
if its B5 vs one of the republics, thats tipping it waaaaay to far in Blabalong's favor. and thats most definently not cool.
I understood the idea to be everyone & everything from one setting against everything & everyone from the other...

Official rules:
For Star Wars, only the movies count. For Babylon 5, only the series count. And try to stay logical (i.e. Why would the shadows destroy the empire when they could use the oppurtunity to take out the Vorlons?)

I didn't read much of the 'Trek vs. 'Wars thread, so I didn't know how the 2 worlds were supposed to interact.

It seems to me that if they aren't both fully commited to combating one another by some bizarre, surreal, and ... well illogical set of contrived circumstances, then that would raise the complexity of judging who would "win" considerably.

I mean, why would the Empire attack an external opponent of unknown strength in the midst of putting down a rebellion which was apparently supported sufficiently to topple it ?
where is the combat at?
in the Blabber's galaxy or in the Empire's backyard?
this information is critical in knowing who shall be victorious.
Home territory would be an important factor, but the Vorlon's shields (THEY ARE *BEEEP* POWERFUL) and the Shadow's cloak-&-Jump tech would kick ass.
Babylon 5. Because it was so much more than an endless war. Star Wars talked about spirituality and politics, but Babylon 5 had entire episodes about it. Because we've never seen a Wookie eating dinner with his family or heard Jabba the Hut discuss what he likes about humans. Whereas G'kar, Mollari, Delenn and many other different B5 aliens were grown into complete characters and their cultures and philosophies were revealed to us. Because all the human cultures in B5 had long ago learned to live peacefully and cooperatively, while the violence in SW is all by humans against humans. B5 is like Star Trek, it tells us we'll improve. SW tells us we'll never change. Because I like B5's universe and our place in it much better.
For raw destructive power, the Star Wars civilisations would win easily. A single Imperial star destroyer could probably do as much damage as a Shadow planet-killer, the ultimate weapon of the Babylon 5 universe. B5 has nothing remotely comparable to a Death Star; and the Starfuries, or Minbari/Centauri/Narn spacefighters all appear less formidable than X-Wing or TIE fighters.

I agree with Fraggle, however, about the philosophical and sociological superiority of B5. Though it's not true to say that humans were completely peaceful and coo-operative among themselves in that series! Look what happened with President Clark and his Nightwatch... plus there was the Home Guard anti-alien terrorist organisation.

My older thread about B5 vs. other sci-fi continuities:
The only reason SW doesn't really do this to the extent B5 does is that SW is mostly movies (and books/comics). B5 is a fuckin' TV show (and etc.), and can cram a helluva lotta philosophical crap during the series.
Starwas, however, has only two hours, at most, per movie to give you enough action and character development so that you don't walk out of the theater.
I guarantee you, if there was a full-scale SW Television series, not a miniseries, you would probably learn a lot about the 'wars 'verse and the characters.
Hapsburg said:
if there was a full-scale SW Television series, not a miniseries, you would probably learn a lot about the 'wars 'verse and the characters.

Assuming anyone really took the trouble to develop it that way - although some extension of the background and cosmology would be inevitable. A Star Wars TV series would probably, for the most part, stick to the kind of formula that makes the films so popular! :D
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I see that this discussion died off pretty quick. Why does the Star Was vs. Star Trek thread keep going so persistently?
I have to agree that when you only include the movies you lose the ability to show the other aspects of the universe (philosophy, politics, everyday life, etc.) Adding the other elements of the expanded universe greatly changes the aspects of the viewpoint that we have. Even in the movies (episode V in the trilogy, and II and III of the prequels if you can get past the corny dialog) you can see the effects that war have on an individual's life and love. Actually, in some area, all do a little bit. In episode IV, Luke loses his family because of war, and it shows how violence causes more violence, as this is what causes him to fight. Also, it shows that inaction in the face of a challenge leads to loss of your own (read the Greek/Roman mythology about Dapne). In V we see that Han and Leia have come together in love to be almost split because of crime and then separated because of war. In six, we see the power one person can have over destiny, and we see how a father's love for his son can overcome the greatest evil. (Vader comes from German for father). In ep. I, we see Anakin have to leave behind his mother and everything he has ever known in hopes of having a better life. In II, we see how the loss of family can be a drive as Anakin loses his mother to something he felt he could protect her from. In III, Anakin's overprotectiveness is what cost Padme her life, and in turn this loss of life is what caused the entire war in the Trilogy. All the violence, all the "Star Wars" are caused by loss and injustice, yet you say it isn't deep enough. Maybe it is just too deep to see.
Starthane Xyzth said:
I see that this discussion died off pretty quick. Why does the Star Was vs. Star Trek thread keep going so persistently?

I believe it's those trekkies. Ever since I've come to this forum I've grown to hate the letter Q.