SRK and Bollywood masala


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Since inzomnia reminded me of him, I am going to moon over him here. :D

Don't be fooled by the nose, the man utterly grows on you

From one of his newer movies:
My fave scene is actually in KKHH, where he runs accross a bridge in a long
black mantel and in slow motion..... sucha bollywood hearththrob :thankyou:
Finally, sam's weakness, pity i'm not the personal insulting type.
Apparently the gossip is he needs a lot more make up than he used to.
I like that movie :D

Very very bollywood

Actually I never like bollywood before I saw that movie, but my mum watched
a lot. Then one day she cried while watching that movie :bugeye: Then I said,
there is no way I will cry because of movie. My mum said I should see the
movie first! So I watch.. then I cried like 8 times, hehe..

Each times I would watch that movie, I said to myself, this time I will not
cry! But I failed. There is this scene when they wave goodbye to each other
on train (the girl left him by train, do u remember??). She waves to him and
tried not to cry and so is him. It really breaks my heart :bawl:

Also there is one where he said he loves her. She thought he really loves her,
but apparently he is just practicing how to say I love you to other girl whom
he crush, oh oh oh