Sprilical Issues.


Life isn't a question.
It is that there is a swindeling culture as some say since 1974.
The culture seemed to have begun perhaps a longer time ago than that.

It's beings whom disliked school and life, that was it's begin;based on the problems of marriage and family related to sectarian, and industrial means..therefore language.

these beings traversed every sect and culture, and chose to utilize technology as a togetherness means for a society.
they are so amazed by what it is to have human form, and that the act of a man and woman having sex brings another human body or more unto existence. so into their idea for a prominent society, that all they do is get around with voyeurism playing people to play them in to their society. Yeah well, they sit pretty in their stances of knowing so beyond..seems that before human material &behavioral awareness study's to bring more structure into the human vestige: people thought they cared more.. alcoholism wasn't seen as a matter that effected a persons capacity to manage a family, humans actually didn't think there was anything wrong with children imitating their parents sex habits and interests and getting pregnant far too young, and the being so amazed in what that people could bring more people into the world, as they like,without caring about life itself and consequences, of oneself each to his or her own behaviorism at any age. so meanwhile, these beings use any bit of phrase or information to get around, bothering beings structurist worth, to as if the kids involved in their means..of voyeurism, are destined as they themselves needn't be in their cesspool voyuerist tactics..that praise and use all intellectual accord in their running people beginning young to be their literal employ as actors and actresses of their movie shows,actual intrusiveness upon peoples domestic enivronments, and exterior to such, and professionalism at this point, obviously politics have been disturbed of as well . their violence begins and plays anywhere they want to all day long, getting from somewhere else on men, women and childrens sex parts mostly, to work people to do as they adore, slupping their body for more "stimulative sound effects, emotional reactivity relativisms of all sorts, gumping around to serve it to media and with media and apparently money gameing, watching people stay and go, watching and observing people as if they had rights as scientists whom think their good to victimize people to preform for them and then falsely respect them with their years of networking. this to whom they choose to run into their documents signing enforcement and limitations...'really their threat has challenged our natural American pride for to long now..their media beings whom began in music with whomever they liked and continued trying to make their interest matter. meanwhile, wasn't a statute of limitations offered to our U.S. government concerning this matter... ending whatever fake documentation, these people whom like whatever use wrong humor of false or assumptive understanding and misuse of words and sound and sense, to continue their strange culture, which they give any new name or blame as pantheism... one needs to understand that these beings excessivity has become such a problem, the use of sectarian religion etc... the stealing of a man or womans fair humor book on pantheism... pants, are something someone wears, pans are cooked with to and of for healthy sustenance therefore food is a greater interest,theism-is a study of human interests, that actually maintains the idea of respect for the fact that human beings are of single form. these people aren't harmless, they have kept some children at younger ages, like 5 year olds at such physical age status for fourty years or longer, and they taunt the kids with anything of what it is to be human in their voyuerist and chit chatting similar to how they harm their victims and seems may or may not have and still are utilizing these kids in adoration, whilst destructing our legitimacy systems using these kids as their favorites..of actually parent and business relative networking, destroying land with what may seem excessive industrialization at their leisure with their false perceptiveness due to their avoidance matters. And what's worse is that they use any international language at this point to work whom they choose to including English, these beings americans here of variable nature convinced that they deserve from their victims nonviolent creative or scholarly getting by efforts ?!credit.. and often limiting people in their dreams for whatever it is they all went rude about., they actually are the cause for all harm, and violence, and in some ways all clinical conditions. it is good to be aware that such beings exist with this terrible problem, so as to end it, and be aware of the difference between oneself an whole self or alter led or guided by the demands these voyuers have. structurist order is really lacking, in our representation as humanity, farther away from humaneity all the time because of people whom practice voyeurism. end war isn't their motto, they refer to what their doing as quiet wars, keeping people alone and driving them with their bother, making them purchase things, mood altering them, lying to people from where they are insistently threatening individuals about whom what or whom, or he she, it and a that it has gone on for far tooo long. making quick movies, or published, books or movies, and demanding a variety of humanity be that have the pleasure of enjoying what they do, such hasn't any place in human betterment, none, ziltch. and claiming, creation of language equality through such idiocratic practices is just another excuse to continue their errored false prominence whilst denying that really, a long time ago by now, they can have stopped billiarding with what they'd already pretty much achieved in the 1950's is that the name of their culture.. how it began.. and stayed.. choosing beings like the set's or singles on a billiard table whilst using their so called giving to fool people into thinking such had never happened to he or her him or herself, just another set, and another person, loosing somewhere while people that think they are really aren't, due to the fact that winning by way of harming another actually in all realism isn't reality such is an abusive individual,, avert,,coersive and manageing, based on view thinking such is a vista.
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Anew, I'm sorry mate, but I didn't even bother to read anything past the third line, primarily because it was one giant paragraph of death.

Spacing and pacing mate... space that out and people may read it - presented like that, it's just a wall o text