Split: SAM's intellectual dishonesty and poor moderation

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shichi, can you pls remove all this disturbing pics? I dont want to press report
button, but some mods can look at here anytime and you might end up being

Fuck off both of you, I am sick of all this bitching and complaining, so unitil the thread= closed or I get "banned" I'm not taking it down. :D
Why not ask admin to close the thread

I skipped my lunch because of those disturbing pics. :(

I figure if you cant follow the same procedure when you have a problem with a mod, and need to resort to juvenile character assassination that if I have a problem with a thread I should resort to similar methods.:D
So far I believe what I have posted has not really been that disturbing when compared to some of the images that have been posted here. Trust me they could be alot worse.
Sorry to say, but I temporarily put you on my ignore list!
(your posts are not healthy for my lunch time :mad:)


Ow.. Shi is a good one Inzomnia.. He's on our side :D
I just put him on that list temporarily, till all the pics are gone :shrug:

I wake up early morning to prepare my lunch but I should skip it because I
have no lust to eat anymore. :mad:

do you rate "need for food" above "caring for people"?
Childish.. carry on hurting people, SAM. Your little games are more important.

It's her genes! Apply your own explanations Enmos.
Nothing really matters. Not even from a particular perspective.

HA! its fucking pointless! As the poll revealed most here think you are dishonest.
I wonder why huh? You can twist it around however you want now. The end result is that you are just full of BS! no matter how you try to turn it around now.

She just doesn't let people fuck her in the head.
And some have a problem with that.
Wow, 14 pages of girly whining. Can't you do it in Cesspool away from sight?
SAM is staying and you are just wasting your breath.
Not open for further replies.