chidren are cool

i gess our population wont be a problem cause EVERYONE seems to think children suck


what they fuck would you think if your PARENTS had thought like that?

proably nothing cause you wouldn't BE here

i hate children, yes. but my b/f loves them. so. he'd be the stay-at-home parent. dont get me wrong.. id love MY OWN children.. and i have a couple cousins im quite fond of, but as for children in general....... i dont have much tolerance for screaming brats.

at the salon i use to go to school at, these people would come in with several children, and then leave it up to us poor nail techs up front to babysit while they were getting their hair done. and never once were the children well behaved. I do not like it when people push their kids off on me, so i make it clear that i dont like them, and then they dont give them to me. If i could have one thing in the world, it would be a great big furry dog to protect me and eat the little kids that play in my driveway. :eek:
i love kids

i use to baby sit for a friend of ours when i could

it was fun

just had to keep chris away from red codial
Personally I would rather have the flying creatures... I would just have lots of venus fly traps around.....
Anyone watched 8 legs freak? Scary?

I hate spider, ugly!!!!!!!!! :mad:
I am going to take my little sister to that cause she is terrifide of spiders and im EVIL:D
By wet 1
From the oriental, who learned to make use of the spider came silk. It was such a marvelous material that it became a trade item that spread around the world. Well known for its properties of strength, lightness, and the sheer luxurious feel upon the skin.

Kinky devil, I thought silk came from a worm or a type of caterpillar?

Anyhoo, if it wasn't for spiders Freud would have had nothing to compare sex phobics with (Eight thrashing limbs :D ) As for children just the thrashing will do!!

the purpose of spider:
eat, sleep, hav sex, survive
try not 2 get eaten by ur girlfriend in the throws of passion
unless ur in2 that kinda thing
try 2 refrain from eating ur boyfriend in the throws of passion
he might feel violated

"With great power comes great responsibilty."
-Uncle Ben