Spell Check Is Dead


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The spell check functionality has gone away.

Message comes up:

"Due to the current advertising climate, SpellChecker.net no longer offers a banner supported service. Webmasters: click here to sign up for the paid version of the SpellChecker.net system."

Just FYI
I miss spellcheck already. Is there a way we can get some spellcheck back?
Restoring spell-check will cost me $150 per year.

If I get the subscription system working, I may enable spell-check as a subscriber feature, if I think I can recoup the cost.

Heck, I can keep doin' the ol' cut and paste to a word-processing program. My vote is to save your money.

I personally never use the spell checker since <a href="http://www.apple.com/">Mac OS X</A> has a system-wide spell checker in every text field. Very nice.
Originally posted by Porfiry
...Mac OS X has a system-wide spell checker in every text field.
Now you make me feel like a tight-wad. Won't even shell out a few bucks to leave OS 8.6. :bugeye:
I also vote that you save your money. Word processors work fine... (if I'll use them). Sometimes I'm just to lazy to kick the mouse through the maze though.
I also vote for you to save money. $150 is too much for spell check. There has to be a better way to do it. I'll keep my eye out, maybe there is some scripting you could plug into the BBS for free.