Speeding Internet Access

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Speeding Internet Access

I have discovered an inexpensive way to speed internet
access. It works for BOTH 56K modems and DSL. The
results are dramatic and permanent.

Go to your favorite computer store (perhaps online) and
buy SHIELDED telephone cables. The line from your wall
plug to your modem is likely to be flat,
non-twisted-pair. This introduces a lot of loss and
picks up interference as well. Replace your wall to
modem cable with SHIELDED cable. Voila! For most 56K
modems there will be a significant speed increase (often
double) due to reduced number of re-tries. The same is
true for DSL. The details of the results depend on
details of wiring.

I first tried it for 56K and then later for DSL and the
results are MOST SATISFACTORY. I will not mention any
brand names, since that is a violation of BB policy, but
just go to the computer store. Seek and ye shall find.

I even replaced the wire from the outside telephone box
to the inside of my house with shielded cable, and it
helped. The more shielded cable, the faster the
transmission rate.
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Thanks for the tip. It sounds most reasonable.

You are not the only one who has discovered that,
and I can assure that it works. I also made a new connection from outside telephone box. I did that because I have electric lines crossing tel cables. I noticed the speed increase while downloading first mp3. Try it, the cable doesen't cost much.
Best place to find is a "home depot" type place where you can buy category 5 cable that is used for ethernet wiring. Get a 4 or 6 pair wire. It does increase the speed. You will see connection to show up as 112K for 56K modems. If you use shielded twisted pair, ground the shield at the box to the same copper wire that the telephone box uses.
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