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Thought I would make you drool :)



Very pretty, but beware the "emperor's new clothes"......:)
Looking at the flash observatory my concern besides stairs is the height of the dome. It suggests the pier for the telescope mount must be considerable height above the ground which is undesirable.
In any event I would not knock it back that's for sure as no matter how careful you are with design there is usually some compromise...the roll off roof does not look the part compared to a dome but I like that you see all the sky... Some say domes are better for wind but really if the wind is moving your scope the seeing won't be flash so no point in imaging.
I got more data last night, about 90 minutes of O11 and same for S11 ..I am getting my car serviced now so am set up in their waiting room stacking images right's great tea and coffee already made and very nice ladies...and their grid power. Cold in the van when I woke up -2 degrees C. Maybe my thermometer is off as that seems real cold..the car was covered in ice so maybe.
I woke up -2 degrees C. Maybe my thermometer is off as that seems real cold..the car was covered in ice so maybe.
Yep, 8 degrees in Sydney this morning, cold enough in my opinion, to freeze the balls of a brass monkey!! :p
[you know what you can do with your -2 C :p]
Sad cannot Iggy staff members, so will have to be content with not reading any post and never replying
I have resolved not to read a great deal here and so I will not need to worry about any replies in the future.
I am sick of the let's talk about what god has for breakfast brigade ... like kids talking about ghosts and believing they make them real by talk.
And these folk who pretend great intellect seem to limit their enquirey to very specific parts of history as if unaware or very aware what is outside their small part they have selected for their intellectual gymnastics. No input when astrology is raised as relevant to inventing human gods or mention of Sumarians and their influence if considering the god of the old testament. Then within the area selected for discussion it seems that so many are simply happy to have this particular god be literal thru to another way of saying nature just so long as we do not write this god out of the script.
It is so obvious I no longer care.
Here is my first attempt at combining HA, O, S and L not perfect but it's just a matter of adjustment I at least have the method sorted..just need to practice over and over to get it right.
swan.jpg well this is making the best of really bad data..I was going to throw it out but thought to see whatI could get from sever processing and although it has a lot wrong I am very happy to squeeze out some detail. 115 mm refractor, HEQ5 unguided mount, crazy high gain in HA only (400 gain)ZWO Cooled Mono camera. 70 90 second subs.
Can you do anything like this please?

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I expect so but it's not my thing... and I doubt if the weather would permit it here I would need two weeks straight rain and Photoshop.
I have thought of doing a each day at noon take of the Sun but came to my senses and thought...nah.
I did the Transit of Venus in a similar fashion, but people kept asking were there six planets making the Transit...this was many years ago but all my old work was lost when next doors cat threw up on the keyboard of my lap top...the only night that I ever left the lap top open and I never found out how the cat got was a miracle....God telling me to get a new lap top but always put it away after using it..the vomit was symbolic of getting rid of old technology before it turned to crap..I always knew cats were God's messengers as they just have that look about them..the Eygiptians knew but folk these days just don't understand...but I always understood the simple messages one could find in vomit.
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This is my first real effort to do a SHO image combining the subs in the RBG mode in StarTools. Red = S11, Blue = O11 and Green = HA. 115mm refractor, heq5 mount unguided, zwo cooled mono camera. One hour twenty by one minute subs.
Still trying to manage the colour but I am happy with the detail.
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I had a terrible time last night, every thing were wrong in an attempt to gather more data, the mount stopped working and would play up when I got it to work, my new auto guiding system failed, I lost many subs due to the mount failing to track properly and after I came out from an hour trying to get warm 75% of my subs were not there because not known to me clouds sneaked in..but with the new data I tried a fewlagon.jpg different processing approaches and think this is a better image than my last one.

and some details of the object, from Wiki, which we call the Lagoon Nebula.

The Lagoon Nebula is estimated to be between 4,000-6,000 light-years away from the Earth. In the sky of Earth, it spans 90' by 40', which translates to an actual dimension of 110 by 50 light years. Like many nebulas, it appears pink in time-exposure color photos but is gray to the eye peering through binoculars or a telescope, human vision having poor color sensitivity at low light levels. The nebula contains a number of Bok globules (dark, collapsing clouds of protostellar material), the most prominent of which have been catalogued by E. E. Barnard as B88, B89 and B296. It also includes a funnel-like or tornado-like structure caused by a hot O-type star that emanates ultraviolet light, heating and ionizing gases on the surface of the nebula. The Lagoon Nebula also contains at its centre a structure known as the Hourglass Nebula (so named by John Herschel), which should not be confused with the better known Engraved Hourglass Nebula in the constellation of Musca. In 2006 the first four Herbig–Haro objects were detected within the Hourglass, also including HH 870. This provides the first direct evidence of active star formation by accretion within it.[2]
I realize that this is not a photo of any Nebulae, but I came across this video of Comet Neowise made with a 12 inch scope and thought that you might appreciate this fellows efforts :
I realize that this is not a photo of any Nebulae, but I came across this video of Comet Neowise made with a 12 inch scope and thought that you might appreciate this fellows efforts :

I certainly do appreciate seeing the video and I thank you for thinking of me and taking the time to post it.

I have that very same scope but the mirror was ruined by mice peeing on it..I had it in my old place in the bush ..was away for some time and as happens when you are not there creatures move they got in at all surprised me ... it broke my heart as it was my pride and joy...a fantastic scope and I still have it ...but to re "silver" costs more than the scopes market value so I don't get around to fixing it...I should..I have been agonising over a 12 inch RC which has a very long focal length making tracking and it's use demanding whereas the tube from the Dobsonian has a focal length of 1200mm which is much more manageable...with either scope I would need to replace the focuser with a fancy motorised temperature controlled unit that costs $4000 approx..but the new mount I am getting would carry have got me thinking to maybe build a astro graph using the old scope...mmm take out the secondary and extend the tube and mount the camera more or less where you would expect to find the secondary...more stable and you get rid of a reflecting surface..could use a different focus method and save 4 grand...I could add structure to reduce flexing cause the new mount won't worry about double it's weight...thanks a million this has got me thinking of something that could be rather special.

Back to the comet .. I have photographed a few comets but using long exposures and manual tracking which left you with star trails so to see what that guy achieved really got me excited as I had given up years ago...

Thanks again and have a great day.

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Although this is old data it needed a new process as I know so much more now so I tried a sort of SHO substituting red subs for the S11 data that went missing. The Rosette Nebula.IMG_20200723_210907 (1).jpg
Great stuff Alex!!!
I have had a mild cough and runny nose since my Birthday escapade last Friday with my old school had the covid 19 detection test and swab on Wednesday....Got the results yesterday and no detection thankfully!!!
I bet you were worried for a while ... you boys didn't go for a late night swim..did you?
Glad to hear you are ok. Man I have been doing more study on this astrophotograghy which I know pretty well but there is more and trying to get my head around software that sorts out the mechanical problems with the worm gear in the mount ..I should get Mr V to help know how clever he is ..wouldn't that be a big help..and the telescope I planned to seems it requires regular collimation a d after watching three videos on how it's done I don't know if I can do it..but I will try ... can't do much so learning stuff and practising the better processing techniques that I have learned...I just want to be the best at it I won't settle for less.