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IMG_20190919_062454.jpg My journey with the narrow band imaging has been slow but here is an image of the Andromeda galaxy. Two million light years distant but visible as a naked eye object in a dark location. So if anyone asks how good are your eyes you can tell them you can see up to two million light years.
About three hours of exposure all up.
Another that I like is referred to as the Eagle Nebula. The "Eagle"is at the centre and is what we all know as "the pillars of creation" the most famous Hubble image.
It suffers from downsizing so I hope it shows on your screen reasonable...


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That is very beautiful.
Now all we need is to be able to zoom in "slowly" ,That is probably available somewhere on the net ,perhaps.
Our galaxy the Milky Way probably looks similar.

This makes me think of a pic that I used to have on my computer
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I have been building an observatory to house two mounts and two telescopes...not easy for me but it is amazing what you can do if you just do a little at a I was given a caravan so when everything is complete and working I should be able to produce better results...also I purchased a 115mm triplet refractor second hand ( very expensive new) which has double the light gathering power of the other triplet refractor. Here is the van and the start of the build.
There is a lot of finishing still to be done, like, corner brackets, door...the floor is now complete and I have built the two piers to hold the mounts but have yet to pour their cement pads.
Next time.
We have had bush fires threatening and that slowed the work to a halt. Anyways prompted me to fit a fire pump and hose...The van is beside a very nice dam.IMG_20171128_121302_resize_50.jpg
The roof rolls off to show the sky.
We have had bush fires threatening and that slowed the work to a halt. Anyways prompted me to fit a fire pump and hose...The van is beside a very nice dam.
scary... wildland fires can be dangerous. at least you have a fire pump and hose.
Be safe!

I can't wait to see those pics!

so... off topic, but, what is the capacity of the pump?
so... off topic, but, what is the capacity of the pump?

I don't know what it will move but it has a 10 hp motor. I only run a inch and a half inlet ...and the hose is one inch and it delivers a good stream.
Great for washing the car.

It was the pump to bring water up the hill to the house..which was at least 70 mtr lift over 200 mts distance.... I took it for repair and when I reinstalled it it did not pump I bought a new pump and installed did not pump either ???? Then it dawned on me that I needed to throttle up...I have been so used to gennys that you just start it did not occur to even great minds like mine can malfunction...anyways the bright side was I had a spare pump that I set up for a fire fighting unit.

The other place I have not far from here was nearly lost. The lady that I let live there abandoned it with the fire about 100 mts away. On the road out of there she ran into three fire fighting units drinking beer at 2-30 pm and pleaded with them to help but they said they had been working since 7 am and needed a break...she went off at them and threatened to go public and left...when she returned to the house two days later expecting it to be gone it was clear that they had second thoughts cause the house was saved as well as a car...the fire burnt up to both and stopped so we assume it was the fire fighters and not god. I lost a cement mixer was all.
But the fun has only just begun...months of hot weather yet...although the Westerly winds have passed...when there is no wind you can put them out with a branch of a sheoak...beating it to death.
I have put out many fires with only a branch..the key is to attack it where it is weak and let the intense stuff burn until it reaches an area with less fuel then attack...the water bombers miss doing this unfortunately.
IMG_20191007_163553.jpg And here is a photo with the new scope (115 mm) I set up expecting to have to add adjustment rings but unbelievably the sensor was the correct distance from the reducer...I was sick so I could only manage to be out of bed for 15 minutes...but although it's not that flash I probably have never been so happy with a capture because setting these things up can be a real pain...dont worry about the colour. I find that a little green helps a bit with details..I should have removed it but it was only a test...there were only 25 images in the stack so you can expect to much...and I don't have a focuser mask for this scope yet really need a mask to get good focus.