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This is bullshit, but I choose to be a lemming for society's sake.

I have two children, 12 and 8. My 8 year old suffers from Oppositional Defiance Disorder. It took us a very long time to learn how to constructively deal with him.

About a year ago I got involved with DCS because I spanked my child. It was absolutely the last restort, and he was warned for the week leading up to the spanking that if the behavior continues he will have to be spanked. He was also given the opprotunity to plead with me to stay the punishment right before I executed it. The behavior was at afterschool childcare, and it was bad enough that the caregivers were concerned with the safety of the caregivers and the children. The problem is the people do not know how to deal with him, and we as his parents did not either at the time. So, the result is a power struggle that his mind shuts down.

It was the last time he received a spanking.

Service Announcement:
Anyone who is involved with Child Services, and not with the criminal court. I strongly endorse seeking legal counsel anyway, even though you did not break any laws. In the long run it is cheaper and less time cosuming than going through with the Informal Adjustments that DCS uses terrorist tactics for you to sign off on. I've received more threats from that office than I care to recall. Our case will be closed next week, woot!

We are now able to handle our son and have no problems with him, and are able to work with the school to help them. But, DCS didn't help us, it just took us a long time to figure out how to deal with ODD. And, it is not with spanking.


The issue and topic
A lot of people get bent out of shape and equate spanking to assault.

Is spanking assault? It can be, but is not necessarily. Just like a hug from me can either be a loving gesture or assault, depending on not only my intent but the other person's physical and mental capacity. In fact, spanking occurs in sexual expressions and in sports gestures. It is hardly ALWAYS assault.

In some cases, I would agree spanking is assault. But, it is difficult to draw the line and lawmakers are baffled about where line is. So, society answers.

This is the interesting part. Society has deemed that it is socially unacceptable to spank a child in the US. However, there are many states which allow the punishment. Even in those states, it is "against the law." The unwritten social law. This is the realm of social services.

What the heck is going on that we allow this government funded entity dictate to us laws that our government does not openly adopt?

Bottom line:
As a rational person, I concede to the social law written or not. Although my personal ethics says it is okay within reason, and the law supports me in my state, I digress my rights. What the heck is going on? I'm willingly throwing my rights away for the sake of society's unwritten law. It's not the subject I'm distrubed about, but the principle!