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To: Site Administration

re: Third-party cookie requirements

I have been experiencing some difficulty both logging in and maintaining that status. The problem is apparently connected to browser cookie settings. To accept cookies from visited sites, such as Sciforums, is apparently insufficient for site need. Instead, I must accept all cookies and trackers, in order to log in; refusing cookies and trackers from unvisited sites disrupts my ability to log in to Sciforums.

Would site Administration please enumerate the data need that requires users to accept cookies from which unvisited sites?

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Or is this a fine-tuning question involved with securing the connection? I suppose there is always that.

Okay, I'm awake.
For some reason, ticking the "remember me" box on login seems to work for me, but I have problems if I don't tick that box.
For some reason, ticking the "remember me" box on login seems to work for me, but I have problems if I don't tick that box.

Actually, for me, that is one of the more consistent apparent triggers.

It looks more and more like a symptom of securing the connection, in which case things will be annoying for a while, and then they won't. But no, I don't actually know.
Okay, what the fuck.

How many times do I have to clear my system? And what are these third-party cookies we need to accept and accommodate?

Seriously, I'm trying to write a fucking post, and between all my resources and Sciforums, if I have to close my fucking browser in order to log in again in order to view a page at Sciforums, why? What is it that you need? I've run out of troubleshooting tips like clearing my history and cookies. I refuse to open my system to every cookie and tracker under the sun, so what offsite cookies do you need me to accept? Please enumerate them.

This is disruptive. Is it supposed to be? Is that the point?

(Update: To be more useful .... This time, the workaround involved using a hyperlink to access a page, instead of dropping the address into the browser. I was actually kind of surprised when it worked.)

(Also: Ah, I see. I can easily withdraw my sarcasm. It's one of those nights. Good luck. No, really, it's every other page, now, and just weird. I do not envy.)
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When I turn on Developer tools I see Twitter, Facebook and Google cookies. A little odd considering I don't use Twitter or Facebook. I see many more when I am not logged in, but they seem to be related to the ads.
I thought it was just me. Sometimes, the site won’t let me log in if I’m on my phone, but I can log in no problem from my laptop. Today, I can log in from my phone, no issues. When I’m unable to log in, there are no error messages; you simply put in your login credentials and the page refreshes as though you’re logged out.
I was getting kicked out to the login page for a few days, having to relogin every time even though I clicked on the "stay loggedin" button. But everything is okay now. I'm on a computer..
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So, part of the question is what other tabs or windows I might have open.

Once I closed all other web pages, login went fine. Twitter, Bitly, and OzarksFirst had to go.