Shep not wooly mammoth. Shep big puppy dog.

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What do you guys think about cloning that Wooly Mammoth they found?

I'm totally stoked on the idea, if for no other reason than to prove that we can. As far as ecological impact goes, I have no idea. Let's find out. If their presence starts screwing with the current state of balance in a negative way, we can have, for a limited time, Wooly Mammoth steaks.

What have we got to lose? That's what science is for, right? To answer questions?
I've heard about Dolly. Is that what you mean?


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Dolly was a sheep. This is a frozen Wooly Mammoth. It's just one of many dug up in Siberia, but it's the only really intact one to date. They say that it's a male. If they can, they want to extract some frozen sperm and artificially inseminate an Indian elephant and bring the species back from extinction. They figure it's possible because they already do it with bull semen.
there playing with fire. nature killed off the mammoth for a reason, its not meant to be brought back and natures wrath may not be so kind. Its just like hiccup heard they were bringing back raptors....not wise,this ecosystem is currently fragile as it is let alone have these creatures return. Its not safe to tamper with the natural order of things.

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Nature didn't "kill the mammoths"! They went extinct. Evolution "killed" them. Nature doesn't <u>do</u> anything; it is not sentient, and it is not purposeful, and it is not an entity. "Nature" refers to the universe without. It is merely a backdrop against which the drama of life plays itself out.

As for the mammoths, I say bring them on. And the raptors too, if that's possible. The more, the merrier! :)

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