Seeing is believing?

colors as anything that enters into the brain is interpreted by the individual brain so it is very likely that most things in life can and will be seen in many different ways.

I have become very interested in this topic s i decided to register and say something... So, HELLO! I have been thinking the VERY same thig all my life. I never thought that anyone else had ever thought tof it apart from me. but now, i have proof that others think the same... great minds think alike eh? LOL... n e way, i thought i would just have to have my say in this:

I have always thought this and have become very interested. I had recently thought up a solution to this problem but forgot it as i am writing this... maybe i should start writing things down? aaawww gawd... ok, i give up. has ne 1 else got a solution?


Interesting idea Typha, I'm not sure what the number is but it's something to the effect of only ten or so species on the planet can actually see colours, human obviously being one of them, whgether this makes us "more advanced" or not is beyond me. Now think about this, when a cat suddenly looks at something and nothing short of an explosion will divert it's attention, yet when you look, you see noithing. Now going back a bit, a cat does not see colour, so I wonder, what the hell does it see? Is the ability to see the colour spectrum mean that we are not able to see other spectrums such as spirit or "chakkra" etc. Or what we see is actually an after affect of something that happened, ok a little extreme there, but in closing remember that you get much higher resolution looking at monochrome (b&w film) than you do colour. give a reply and tell me what ya think! bye.
My sister's rabbit sees dead people...

Yeah i know what you mean with the animals seeing things that you dont see, my sisters rabbit used to do that alot( i mean ALOT!!!) But back to the colors... yeah maybe animals just see different kinds of colors that we would still percieve as black and white and gray. I guess the way you see things can have an impact on the way you live, but im not sure if it makes us more intelegent. Animals can be pretty damn smart sometimes too (*laffs* cats can be pretty divious, one of mine knocked a widow blind on my little sister's head to get back at her for brushing it's teeth! :))
yes, i agree

yes, i think so too... animals are very interesting... most people think that animals are not as intelligent as us, but i think some may well be more intelligent than humans. i think they just have a different way of expressing it, as they cannot speak a human language... but the colours yes, i think maybe animals do see differently... i think maybe rabbits are the most interesting as they seem to have a red glazing over their eyes if you look, at most anyway. and then maybe this red glaze does something, lets them see something us humas cannot... maybe thermal viewing or something, well, they dig holes underground don't they? so hey must be able to see... aaaah, well, this topic has changed a lot, seeing as we have moved from humans now, to animals!
Where to start...........

Ohhhh boy this is intresting huh? I like this new subject much more than the old one. I came in on this one quite late and missed my chance on the explanation...Damn!! I had a great one too! Anyways, Ive got a great little side dish here for you guys. Who are we to say that all of these animals are color blind.
Now this touches on the whole other subject, but bringing it into another prespective. Ok, here is the dilemma.If these animals are color blind, why are every single one of them so full of color. What purpose would it serve their genetic make up to have these "colors" or differences of pigment in their skin if they have no knowledge of this difference. They cant see color so why should their genes? It seems that their perceptions of color must be too a certain degree, or they would not vary in this way. If they could not perceive color then wouldnt their own color be shades of black, white, or various shades of grey? How could it be that the DNA could duplicate something that the organism has not perceived in any way?

I dunno maybe Im wrong here but It sure doesnt make a whole lot of sense for us to make our perception of color the standard for all other species. Our red could be their blue,and their grey could be our green. I think that every animal has some sort of color
perception. Who knows maybe cows can only see the colors black, white,brown,and pink. Oh yes, and also blood red. They know that color all too well. Heh sorry a little bit of the veg. coming out in me LoL
Anyways,until animals can talk too us I dont think that well ever know. Unless maybe their genomes can tell us.
Whole nother' strand eh?
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Good observation Quasar, what would be the point of coloured feather if macaws are colour blind, I'm gonna have to find out that one and report back, unless someone beats me to it, thanks for reminding me about the variable.
Seeing is believing. Perhaps. But for sure don`t easily believe on what you see. Give due time for its scrutiny. Think about optical illusions.
Colors aren't always truely what they seem. Take for example this color chart:

Now looking at those colors that you see you'll notice they are all different shades and tones of the base colors we know about and some are the base colors also. It is that way in life also, people come in many colors and shades as well as what their truths are.
Really, what is color anyways? It simply is different wavelengths of light being reflected at our iris' that is perceived by the rods and cones as a specific color. Now, when you look at a red book under an incandecent lamp, it comes back a certain color. But, when you see the same book under a light that is tinted blue, its a totally different color. No matter what color it looks like, the pigmentation has not changed.

Now, what your brain percieve the color to be is different. If you (hypothetically speaking) crossed the "wires" in your brain that percieves color, then the signal from your eyes for blue might be interpereted as green, making it so that you see green.

So, yes, its possible, but it would be easy to tell that they had problems when you told them to "cut the blue wire".