search for posts by a particular member


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Hi! I love this place! How do I search for posts written by a particular member without having to read every single thread? Thanks!
I guss you solved your problem Ana, But I just have to post how to search just incase someone else struggles to work it out :D

Firstly at the top of most of the pages (Meaning the Sciforums main page and threads) there is a "Memberlist" link.
Using that link you can search for the member your looking for Alphabetically, And then click on the "Search" button that corresponds to them in the "Find Posts" column

This will show you all there posts with a little taster to what they have posted.

Another way is when you read a thread, and you spot someone that seems interesting due to their post, you can click the "Search" button at the bottom of their post (their post in the thread), this too will take you to a list of all their posts.