Sciforums price tag: $38,295

My guess is that you could get the software under 20K, probably even for much less.

Also another forum that has 20 times the traffic of Sciforums the monthly server bill is $3400, so I don't think the Sciforum server costs more than $1500 monthly at most...Plazma could correct me on this, although I doubt he will....
Hey Plazma, was I close? :)
Well, basically yes.

P.S.:Currently Active Users: 610 (25 members and 585 guests)

That is 23 times more guests than members, so they lose little by not providing ads for members but they gain a lot!
Most of guests are spiders and search engine bots which search for keywords (at least 60% of them). So, basically, they're not clicking on ads. :)
if memory serves me, google cut porf off cos we talked about (and maybe more) gaming the system. i advise caution
It was actually because the site was down for so long and then it came back up. The time that it was down there were no clicks, then suddenly there were a lot. This made them suspicious. And, apparently, some people were deliberately clicking links to save the site.

However, seeing as how members can't even see ads, I think that we're safe from such discussions.

It is true that Google's stick up its ass seems to have a stick up its ass about their ads though.
Yes, when a loaf of bread is going to be 30000 bucks...Just question of inflation.....
Time to advertise!

Seriously, I don't see why the site's value would go up. I think the direction where online forums go is specialization. there are forums for just about anything. From bikeriders to dogowners and nurses or whatever, they have their own forums.

So a forum which wants to do it all, well, currently Sciforums just doesn't. The 2 most active forums are still religion and politics and beside that for almost any other forums you can actually find a specialized website...

Its a known fact that sciforums has only gained popularity because of a certain member whose user name is Rick :D

It is really hard to price websites. I actually had a thread on Sciforums' worth.(interesting but neither Plazma nor the owners wanted to contribute to it) It could be anywhere between a wide range....

In short it worths as much as someone is willing to pay for it. Mind you Sciforum is just a platform and content is provided by the POSTERS. The only extra value is the history/old posts. Otherwise instead of buying it, just starting a new is much cheaper...

My guess is that you could get the software under 20K, probably even for much less.

wow software costs that much for forums?
Nowadays there are forum softwares for free. I said less than 20K, it depends on when the software was written, but prices has been dropping...
Seriously, I don't see why the site's value would go up.

A forum is only worth the sum of its contributors efforts. SciForum's members' contributions are worth way more than $38,000.00. Plazma knows this, perhaps that is why SF is not for sale?
I'm pretty sure with a little improvement this forum can be worth much more, but admins does not listen to my suggestions

now, that I'm here, its already doubled