Scientists build deadly virus in lab


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WASHINGTON, July 11 — Following a recipe downloaded from the Internet and using gene sequences from a mail-order supply house, researchers have assembled a synthetic version of the polio virus to prove how easy it would be for terrorists to make deadly biological weapons.


RESEARCHERS AT the University of New York at Stony Brook assembled the virus and then injected it into mice to show that it worked. The animals were paralyzed and then killed.

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Scientists build deadly virus in lab

So what's new? They do so for ages. Don't you tell me this was not done before and actually used on humans. People are sickening.

To show how easy it is for terrorists to build biological weapons? What about the mighty US or whatever other country itself?

Does it justify the use of it? Is it any good to build such a deadly virus?

Poor mice...
You have the Anarchist's Cookbook, Avatar? I should love to read it...

what could I do with this material?

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On topic:

Disturbing, rather.
I also know....I studied it in physics and later took a book from the library...

...but I like e-versions also...can be easily transfered...
oh and that particular doc- how to build an atomic bomb is a bit outdated. It's not a high tech bomb.
I could probably devide it into 15 parts. It's 15.8 mb large... 11 with compression.

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Just heard a science reporter on NPR talking today about this. He said that the polio virus has about 7,000 different "components" that need to be assembled. Polio is nothing to scoff at, but hardly grist for a bio weapon. Smallpox, by comparison, has about 200,000 "components", and the technology required to put that bug together, which is representative of the complexity of the more serious microbes, is most likely several years away even for well-funded labs.

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Ebola virus could be synthesised

19:00 17 July 02
Exclusive from New Scientist Print Edition

The technique used to create the first synthetic polio virus, revealed last week, could be also used to recreate Ebola or the 1918 flu strain that killed up to 40 million people, experts have told New Scientist.


What is even more worrying is that there are easier ways of recreating microbes. You can simply add key genes to a close relative. The key in all cases is knowing the genetic sequence. That raises fundamental questions about the wisdom of publishing the genomes of deadly pathogens on the internet

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do you think you can send it to my email addy in parts? fartmanwayne@aolcom sorry for the trouble and thanks
I sure wouldn't want to go to any of these sites with the feds watching. The FBI has a whole bunch of new power to watch what people do online. It would be a safe bet that they are keeping an eye on these sites(and thankfully so). Some information just isn't good to have.:bugeye:
A "fake" virus is no worse than a "real" virus.

Want a REEEAAALLYYY bad virus? Go to africa. You can get ebola for free.