Scientific proof that chi is fake

The "power" that people sometimes feel that gives them the ability to do things that they normally can't, or can't normally do as effectively, can be explained scientifically. There's no need to attribute it to some mysterious form of "energy". Why not embrace the true source of it for what it is? An astonishingly complex biological substrate that gives rise to consciousness and self-awareness (the brain) that drives a truly impressive biological vehicle (the body). It's no less amazing when you really think about and it has the added benefit of not conflicting with known science.

the hard-headedness is getting puzzling. no one said it was mysterious but that it is energy or combined energy. one can harness energy to some extent with will but it differs in how people use it and to some degree probably on the mental abilities of the individual too. there is nothing mysterious about that but it's also ignorant to think everyone has the same level of skills or abilities and if not, it doesn't mean certain abilities don't exist just because not everyone manifests them.

Nothing mystic, just focus.

uh, no one said it was mystic. how many times does that have to be repeated.

but it is true that some people have more ability than others or different abilities or talents. there are unique cases that even science can't explain right now.
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uh, no one said it was mystic. how many times does that have to be repeated.

It has to be repeated until you accept that some practitioners, like Dillman, DO treat Chi as a mystic energy!

Many Chi Gung exercises focus on the esoteric aspects.

This is the major difference between the Chinese, and Japanese interpretations.