?!science of civilian TASRB and it's illegality by civilians.


Life isn't a question.
What is technoaudioradiosonarbeaming, and all it's relativisims?

there are civilians that use what began it's development of such in what seems around 1975 in my town it disturbs humanwellfaire.
wonder of the historical science of TASRB without bias of impractical negative logic.

apparently one of the main skills of such distortion is sonaring with such "literally distorting anyone they chose into disadvantage of singleness by impetion of psychosomatic demands of alterance.

The U.S.A- names itself by some as- One Nation under God With Liberty and Justice for All. And knowing that god was a word created to displace for when the word it's partner 'good' Is failing...............

It is disconcerting when ones own country has civilians of it's own citizenship fighting peering variably with TASRB, and aside from the civilian damage it achieves, by invading civilian domestics... Is able to psychsomatiscize to confuse even what real government.

Seems brutality became more apparent after 1983, because of civilians of owns own country challenging it's government.

Anyone know about legitimate sources on the problem of TSARB.

mutualizing variable distortive intent upon a persons consciousness or environment (poltergeisting sounds), and often thought, bias, gluttony, sensuality, often to the point of lesser wellness or reason for it's subject to feel as if he or she has regrets and dumming ,, dumming depresses and or has ellicted violence and or hype to angle fault to maintain itself, whatever it's underlaying cause.

is the underlaying reason for such ? what is it? sectarian?!
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in taking a cigarette break to think. Forgive me for double posting. Yet the above is a very serious matter. I am not an expert on anything I have written above.

It is that the power of this so called TSRB goes mixed in Networks with it's bias' and tend to impress upon inncocents in it's hold.

It seems that one of their tactics is or has been perhaps tagging people over time and doing relative to the above post, and within this one.


often the beings running whomever they choose, from the cog of the TSRB, alter domestic circumstances as well, leading parents in their dramas often diminishing family value by disadvantageing kids.
mental illness is variably used as a tool by these people bipart of their voyeurism tactics so I guess one could refer to them as the TSRBVC----- technologicalsonaradiovoyuersmvictimizationcoalition.

They are able to use their title to carry their voices and imply at a frequency most are unable to hear. When they view domestic environments, that they have discerned as their isolation projects relative dynamic,, often choosing more than one with computer range roving capacity--- they are as in the above box able to taunt with bias' and therefore act people out of peoples choice of will. this dynamic they have is very distortive and they choose to claim that honing upon one as a subject as a problem whilst encourageing other beings in their favor with their delusions.

It's just too much, they are often responsible to self mutilation, suicide, ?!addictions and unsolved crime and arranged crime., and therefore often police error.


they are confused about the value of money. Good makes good, bad makes debt....Is the solution to their confusions. Yet they bother some so much that some don't spend the money they'd rather, and therefore relationship is often confused. And their practice of delaying through subtle violence, does perhaps delay progress.

Quite talented they are with their subtle calling of punishment and award that leaves people out of their greater wellness, and cloaks consciousness in it's webbing of people and seems may have been part of creating disaster to keep itselfs coalition.

The only reason why I am writing currently is because;

A bridge in the U.S.A with many people travelling on it over water- an iron bridge, I think in the Spring of 2007ish... Can't remember where Yet millions do.

It seems that a car, _with beings playing a c.d. where this TASRB coalition has webbing can often force 'live envolvement on the c.d. played, and therefore in basic perception one can perhaps fault the coalition
for perhaps even the distruction of bridges.

now I guess when there is such a power, drivers education would recommend, for beings to not blast or perhaps even play music in their cars crossing bridges and entering parking garages.

The only thing that testing other peoples power does is create more disaster, risking one life to save a coalitions power, isn't juste considering that often risking one beings life risks many peoples lives.

And the derangement (s) these people, have encurred, considering their network are easy to blame exterior and therefore do also risk international and national security's. perhaps creating war and industrializations of variability, ?due to their language differential issues and false prides

I watch the news from time to time, it's like one thing after another world wide... and the lies and the hiding, are really damageing, and disturbing adult communication integrity.

seems kind of nonscence.. to fight when one could resolve.

It was said in time magazine recently that our nations Federal government and it's police force [which literally the standard police force as well is actually federal as well, because the United States is a Federal Government]...seems the TASBVVC has become a major power, yet as above, if this TSARB webbing is confusing our police........
since whatever year.......... Such matter Is VERY UNFAIR to our nations integrity of valueing such Value as having a policeforce to help and make our citizenship feel best.
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.. I sought to edit to make below the sentence defending our police force. And permittance wasn't allowed...

they I wanted to capitalize as they..so that a reader whom may be confused or being confused would know that the writing went farther without intent from what was above >>>>>>.

then merely to add: they also use celebrity relativism of music and movies, to angle their league.. relative to prides which are often used unjust and delaying while good that could occur doesn't, and often worse occurs.

aside they have a tendency to like to emotionally alter for dramatic emotions of lesser confidence and struggle, while not figuring that the greater majority of humans are nice and naturally confident, Obviously their preferential games since what seems to me 1975ish have given more problems than good for people.

an aside, .tv has it's place... people shouldn't runnnnnn people like .tv. music or movie characters! or swindled to get there, bipart of such as the topic of this thread.
And enjoying computers, computerforums ,information, writing and music, etc.. shouldn't be unsafe or misused.