Russian military losses in Ukraine (videos & discussion)

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This is videos of Reportedly Real Video of Ukrainian Military Striking Russian Military

feel free to discuss the videos
& how Russia is hiding its losses & what you think the real Russian losses are.

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Deep strikes inside Russia
1 countered with missile defense 2 got through
huge diesel depot storage facility hit.
200 kilometer range
i guess if Ukraine can modify its Neptune missile to strike land targets it would be very effective against diesel oil & GAS & electrical power station targets

im really hoping those switchbaldes drones get to the forward positions as soon as possible

i think they will be a game changer not only to countering the russian artillery but to Russian morale knowing now there is robotic exploding drones almost invisibly flying in from any direction.

Long Shot
Stugna-P guided missile system
hits 2 Russian vehicles
1 tank
1 armored vehicle

looks like maybe 2 kilometer range

At 4:17 he nails it!

The logistics of an operation is a key element that simply can't be unsatisfactory. I know, I was in charge of Maintenance!

Supply and Maintenance are so damn important that if they are not up to snuff you will fall flat on your face.

It's like heading out on a road trip with all your plans, only to breakdown on the highway and your vacation ruined!

If that equipment hasn't been meticulously maintained, they are going NOWHERE! If the supply system isn't combat ready they are going NOWHERE.

You can claim you have a great army with great men and great leaders, but if your equipment has been neglected you are worthless.

Things like food, water, fuel, parts, bullets are simply the foundation of your army. If they suck you lose!
watch this full video
Russian mobile artillery firing on a town then gets hit by Ukrainian artillery

drone strike on Russian ammunition dump
creates cook off
Ukranian Drone strike on a Russian Landing Craft with a anti-missile armoured vehicle on board & a wharehouse strike triggering a cook off.

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