Run as administrator


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When you right click an app (e.g. google Chrome), you can choose Run or Run-as-administrator,
for normal apps, any difference between them?
If it is your own PC, and you are the only user set up on it, then no.
On older Windows machines, when the first account was set up on a new Windows install it would be created as a local-admin. All the subsequent accounts would be just normal users.
The local-admin account could then override the normal user level of security for programs/apps that cared about it. To do so they could run the app as the administrator rather than as a normal user.
I'm not sure it's a thing in more modern Windows versions, but basically it meant you could override security checks that Windows would make of other accounts. E.g. if the normal user is blocked from using the app, etc.

Or something like that.

Personally, just run normally, and only if there is an issue should you look to run the app as an administrator.