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The invention relates to a rotary machine with eccentric piston, that can be a pump, compressor, pneumatic motor, hydraulic motor or internal combustion engine.

I cannot post links.Please go to YouTube -rotary piston engine tarnaveanu emil-
I'm expecting your opinions.
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I looked at it and yes it looks way to complicated the Wankel rotary is far better.
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Are you sure?
Please can sombody put the link from wankel from wikipedia and rotary piston engine tarnaveanu from youtube .
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I heard that GM killed the Wankel engine for whatever is the reason.

Money, they could sell the other engins, for more profit.

But you may see a come back in the future.

Mazda produced a few recent generation cars with them in them.
It is a Rotary Piston.It is mor that engine.
Ex pump+hydraulic motor= hydraulic transmission of torque

Piston will be attached to the engine , acting as a pump, while another piston will be attached to the wheel, acting as a hydraulic motor , whereas a liquid will circulate between the two pistons through a flexible cable, without the need to use axis and toothed wheels.

Please have patience.My English is not good.I use Google translation.
I posted this thread in order to convince you how important is the rotary piston.
Then I ask for help engineers to make it work this principle.( My specialty is industrial automation engineer.)Are used to working in the community becauseI'm able to do an automatic system, I must first understand the principl and what the engineers wants.
I've been on different forums on the web.I was kicked out before I can say something, without saying why.
One told me:Spam endorsing concept engine.I do not understand why.
For several days I stop and think what happened to people?What is wrong with them?Or I am wrong?
So, if someone is willing to carry a conversation and try to make rotary piston functional, I am ready.
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That is the problem.
Everyone understands: rotary piston =engine.
Rotary piston is not a engine..
Ex:With rotary piston you can have a hydraulic transmission off torque.(really so important)
You can have high yield pump,etc.
I know perfectly Wankel engine.
If I wrong somewhere, please delete it and warned me where I was wrong.
The second time I do not.

I will give patent which unfortunately is in Romanian.
The drawings are correct.
The operating principle is translated into English.

The invention relates to a rotary machine with eccentric piston, that can be a pump, compressor, pneumatic motor, hydraulic motor or internal combustion engine. According to the invention, the rotary machine has a cylindrical piston (1) mounted in a cylindrical housing (2) tangent to the inner cylindrical wall of the cylindrical housing (2), the cylindrical piston (1) being provided with a sealing piece (3), wherein a rotary blade (4) can glide, said blade being integral with a driving shaft (5) whose rotation axis concides with the axis of the cylindrical housing (2), the rotary blade (4) being in permanent contact with the inner cylindrical wall of the cylindrical housing (2); between the rotation axis of the cylindrical piston (1) and the axis of the cylindrical housing (2) there is provided an eccentricity (e).

I asked the name of rotary piston, patent office gave the name:ROTARY MACHINE WITH ECCENTRIC PISTON.
Classification received the patent is (2006.01) F01C 1/348 and secondary (2006.01) F04C 2/348.
It really so important.Search other patents with such classification.
Until now is not reciprocating rotary piston.Wankel is pistonless rotary engine.

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If you are the inventor, go to your government or an engineering college, build a prototype and see if there is a higher efficiency than normal IC engines. Report back. I have a contact at Lancia, we could do something about it.

Our government is busy with something else now.
We have not engineering college.

Using rotary piston in building cars, is one of usability.
As so important is its use in obtaining electricity.
The simplest is using it to pump.
His efficiency is much greater than any pump.
It uses a lot of energy to power a city with drinking water.


I read the theard "electric/water powered cars coming yet?"
At the end I wanted to talk about the engine but I do now.

I present my opinion about a new engine.

The first step is to develop source of compressed gas at a pressure of 4At-6At.
Little pressure to not need cooling and small loss to discharge gas.
Four-stroke engine abaut:loses 40% of energy is lost through cooling,also 30% is lost through the flue gas discharge,32% of energy goes to wheels.Mechanical losses and incomplete combustion 8%.
Put a burner in the tank.Mixture of intake is taken from a rotary piston
and fed into the burner of tank.(This is the principle. I think the air will be compressed and the fuel will be injected).
Fuel can be anything that arde.Butan, alcohol, gasoline, oil, etc..
Burner must be for cobustibilul used.
Until now, could not ensure efficient combustion airflow needed
to 5At.Rotary piston can.

So,5At pressure is maintained with an automated system.

A rotary piston is attached to pressure 5At.
Rotary piston is usable area 100mm x 100mm = 10000mm = 100cm square square
Force 500Kgf = 5x100 = 5000N
200mm arm = 20cm
torque results 5000 / 5 = 1000N / m

High speed (20,000 rpm-30, 000rpm) and give a great power.
We can put a lower rotary piston or a lower pressure

Believe me,the other uses off rotary piston are equally spectacular.
The following article has many mistakes, but mostly true.

Using rotary piston in building cars is spectacular but not the most important.
My view, the most important use of the rotary piston is in power.
I am convinced, that we can produce at least 50% more electricity, regardless of power, hydro, thermal or nuclear power.
The idea is replacing turbines with rotary pistons.
In my opinion rotary piston would take energy more efficient than turbines.
If I did wrong, please tell.
I can not do anything until I am convinced I'm right.Others do much more for our planet.
If I'm not right, and you convince me also is well,I can relax.

I heard that GM killed the Wankel engine for whatever is the reason.
Crappy apex seals killed the Wankel. Particularly with the raised combustion chamber pressures of turbocharging, which was all but necessary to generate sufficient torque to move a car.

The Wankel was never "dead" by any means. It just wasn't accepted by the mainstream due to reliability issues inherent in the design.
Well seals can be improved and because power to volume/weight ration is very good in a Wankel, small power tools like portable power generators, Lawn Tractors would be an ideal application.