Richard Dawkins vs Wendy Wright

Ah, Plug from the Beano, I knew thee well.
John99, are trying to piss of people by being intentionally fallacious?

Your sense of PROOF could easily include "there is no proof for gravity" or "how do i know the apple am eating is real and not a dream".
Yes everything is questionable,even gravity etc etc.

But its not a philosophical drunken dream,we must accept some things like gravity and the fact we're eating apple,yes they could be our imagination but we dont have any strong reason to believe that.
(Also this can go much deeper but lets stick to reality)

As goes for Evolution,i mean gwaaaaaaaaaaaad the evidence is OVERWHELMING , am surprised people use the "canine teeth" as example , whereas almost everything in biology can be used as evidence.

Even if i wanted i couldn't deny all this, so logically structured biological evolution,you must be either a theist,completely ignorant,stupid or a troll to deny all of it.

Also you confuse something like many do which i explained in the beginning of this post:

"its only a theory"- scientists dont use it EXACTLY like everyday person,its actually beyond any Reasonably doubt that evolution is true.
But they say "theory",just like they use it for Gravity,we haven't figured out how the underlying mechanism works but everything else is proof of evolution or gravity.

Ok you wanna question the big ideas ,then DO your homework first,as i see you haven't the slightest clue in this,just the popular knowledge.
Also the difference between the 1 billion and 2 billion you asked so many times ,we measure it mainly using Radioactive Decay which applies when it comes to really old "stuff".

Which even a dumb person -when gets into this kind of argument- has heard it at least once.
Am not saying you're dumb am saying for some reasons you dont actually research it at ALL.