Resources For Learning About The Jewish People and Judaism

I gave it some thought and I do not believe there is anything wrong with this thread. I also do not believe it has to be deleted anymore. Thank you.
I believe I had read somewhere that Ireland was invaded and colonized by the English, Scottish, Normans, and Vikings over the years. I wonder if it is safe for me to say that being part Irish I may have ancestry from one or more of those four invaders too.
I wanted to share that according to my research I am a German, Polish, Irish, and Russian American. I am not sure how much more diverse I am yet.
I know that Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and Hinduism are religions with millions if not billions of followers each. Does Judaism have as many followers as those big four religions?
According to my latest research on my ancestry using family and online resources I am most likely only a German, Polish, Irish, and Russian American.
Learning about different cultures and religions can be wholesome and enlightening because you learn about and gain an appreciation for different peoples. You do not necessarily have to follow different religions to learn about and appreciate them.