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Well, like ash said you would first have to define time...I mean I can go back in time by just crossing the international date line....but i think what people are looking for when they say time travel....they mean to go back to previous dates or me any thing is possible because nobodys ever tryed to do it so why not. Black holes on the other are questionable because nobody can see them holes occure when a large star becomes a supernova ....(or the star blows up)...this super nova happens because of the sun's very powerful gravity like swallows it self that sucktion still stays exitent even when the star is gone...which forms a black hole but the black hole can not be seen so u look for other objects orbiting nothing, but orbiting somthing (invisible) right now i believe we know of one object...I learned the information in a 7th grade science class but it seems to be realistic but i am not saying it is true....please respond ....JimmyJames
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