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Okay, there are a whole bunch of people who seem to hate tony1 and I can understand that. But everybodys acting so immature about it. Its totally stupid. I mean, people are forming pacts. And although you can ignore people, why would you want. They are still there. They deserve as much respect as you would like to recieve back.

Anyone who agrees with this and like to NOT ignore tony1 based only on virtue, and behaving like mature people, sign the petition by writing sign in your thread and any other comments you have about improvements we can make about ourselves instead of improvements we can make about other people, like tony1.

I'm almost perfect on this issue, but of all things, I guess my ego gets the better of me, but only sometimes. Beyong that, theres not much else.

PS tony1 if you're reading this, why dont show some respect by responding.
Half of the religion forum at the moment seems to be taken up with discussions of tony1. Get over him, people. There are a million tony1s out there. You're really just stroking his ego by discussing him all the time.
Forming factions is just silly. People who dislike tony1 should simply use the ignore user feature. That's what it's there for.