Reading as a Child:

walt disney comics
then encyclopedias
then, one day after asking "mom how do you spell ____?" and, she said "look it up in the dictionary"
"Mom...if i do not know how to spell it how can i look it up in the dictionary?"
Whereupon, she put down her sewing and placed her unabridged dictionary in front of me and said "Here, read this."
Interesting read
my father told me to read the news paper to learn new words

with TV not being on some meth kids show for ADHD psychosis & stoners
and having exhausted other reading material
the news paper in its clinical grammar and fact checked edited version became a good source of literal learning

feeding the senses shit
is not a substitute for learning and lack of greed fulfillment to gain new realities of "experiencing"

jury is still out on that group of developing personalities