Do you have any conclusive evidence which demonstrates that race/gender and intelligence are not correlated?
Excuse me but the burden of proof falls upon the person who claims the correlation.
Irrespective of Race or Gender. Here is one analysis for typical occupations at various IQ levels: **140 - Top Civil Servants; Professors and Research Scientists.
I knew right off that you must be a foreigner. Here in the USA the IQ of the average civil "servant" must be about 97. Bush is a perfect representative sample.
Its odd how when Jews tend to score higher on intelligence tests than whites...
Excuse me again but the last time I looked most Jews in my country were just about as white as the Queen's hiney. Since the U.S. government has coined the awkward phrase "non-hispanic white" as the opposite of "Latino," I suppose the opposite of "Jew" must be "non-hebraic white."

All those 97-IQ civil "servants" do such immensely useful work with our tax money.
Ahh, but I never claimed that there was one.
Then there is no hypothesis for SAM to disprove. In science it is fair to assert that a particular correlation does not exist if no substantiation has been given to establish its existence.

If John says, "There should be a federal law against playing chess in animal shelters because we'll end up with a rabies epidemic," and Suzy says, "Wait a minute you fool, there's no correlation between animal control officers playing chess and an increase in rabies cases," John does not get to say, "Prove that there is no correlation or my statement becomes valid." John has to make his case first.
Fraggle Rocker:
Then there is no hypothesis for SAM to disprove.

"He who asserts must prove." If you assert that there is no correlation between race and intelligence, then you must prove that claim.
Dr. Watson

The systemic necessity for harmony forces the retraining of the human mind to deny its intuitions and its discriminating role, in the service of the organism.

In essence all that differentiates must be re-educated out of the human mind or made into an immoral belief the mind should feel ashamed of.

Whereas sensual information is used daily by the human mind to differentiate and judge, so as to more efficiently guide the energies of the organism, this judging and differentiation becomes detrimental to social cohesion of millions and billions.

Uniformity must be promoted as an ideal and be maintained using duplicity and censoring.

Selective reasoning is employed and the brain is trained to use different standards for judging phenomena.

The underlying belief promoted as a stabilizing excuse is that of duality.

The mind is other than the body and appearances are superficial and have nothing to do with the spirit or the 'oneness' of existence.
This belief must be defended even against philosophical insights and scientific evaluation - even though science is mostly censored and controlled using other methods.

Based on this erroneous duality gender, race or anything that appears different but is required to be considered the same, is made uniform.

In what way is this NOT pompous double talk? This is the sort of stuff we find in synthetic philosophy forums. I try to be considerate in these forums, but to pile abstraction upon abstraction for the purpose of seeming to be academic is to insult our intelligence here. How about saying what you think in clear, simple, words?

charles, http://humanpurpose.simplenet.com