Quoting in Chicago Style


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Okay, guys. Long time, no see. But I need your help. I'm in college (finishing my undergrad in History) and am currently writing a short essay. I'm used to Chicago Style (the style common for historical writing) and I know how to quote in text as well as block text. What I don't know, and what I can't seem to find out online, is the formatting rules for starting an essay with a quote. No intro to the quote...just the quote itself. I know it has to follow different rules than your standard block quote and your standard in-text quote, because MLA has different rules for the same thing as well. For example....


Intro paragraph.

Second paragraph.


So, that's the format I'm looking to structure the essay in. But the formatting of that first part--the quote--is what I'm unsure about. Does it need to be italicized? Does it need quotation marks (block quotes usually don't)? Does it need an attribution at the end? What indentation does it need?

I hope what I'm asking is clear. Thanks for your help!!!

(PS. Yes, I know that starting a literary work with a quote is generally in bad taste. Just bear with me on this one.)
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