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This is a thread where any questions or issues concerning the Formal Debates forum may be posted.
Got an early question for you - although it's a very minor aesthetic one.
I noticed there is quite a bit of dead-space between the formal debate forum and the others/bottom border under the "life" subcategory.

I think this is because admin has selected all moderators to moderate the forums. By default, I guess vBulletin pastes the list of names to a single cell within that table, and puts them all on their own row (which resizes the cell if the list is too long).

What happens if you create a new "user group" under the vbulletin CP called "Moderation team" and list all your admins in it. Will it show up as the name "Moderation Team" in that cell, or would it still list everybody's individual names? This might be the solution to the problem.
That subforum has been created a bit hastily, problem will be solved when an admin comes online.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
No problem at all.

I know how to fix it with "Invision Power board" because I've set one of those up personally. Just don't know how you would do it with vBulletin - but I'm sure the process is similar.

I can also customize the individual cell directly via html.
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Unfortunately, by default vBulletin has no option to place whole group as a moderator. I worked with Invision and it has that option indeed.

Anyway, I found some old plug-in, but it has warning that it's still in Beta (since 2004?!), and it's without any further updates.

Shall we test it?

It may be safer to clear the cell, and just put a link like:
<a href="">Moderation team</a>
.....I have no clue what the proper query string would look like to show only the moderators for that forum though :(
will threads be moved here from other forums? (such as religion)

Most likely not.

The idea to have a restricted number of participants, and for the debate to be conducted according to strict rules. Free-for-all conversations are for the other sub-forums.
If there is indeed God and there is indeed proof of God...what will become of us and all our discussion on sciforums, of God afterwards?
How is the winner decided?

By popular acclamation.

Seriously, though, there doesn't have to be a "winner". Some debates aren't black and white, but they're still worth debating.
it is an improvement on the current and bogus standoff we have now on issues
an easy reference
a trolls sledgehammer

excellent work, my good man :)
I have a question. Should we start a discussion thread before strating the formal debate one? I find that a lot of people end up discussing unformally in the proposal threads...
Should we start a discussion thread before strating the formal debate one? I find that a lot of people end up discussing unformally in the proposal threads...

No. If you want an informal discussion, have it in another forum. This one is for formal debates!
Well, alright. But you can't stop them from discussing in a proposal thread... LOL!! :D

I very much like the idea of formal debates, but I think you will have continual trouble with people who do not understand the rules posting their own contributions.

There is also the problem of people not paying enough attention.
I nearly posted into one of the current debates myself, and I am aware of the rules.

I understand that ideas for programming are far simpler than the changes in code required, but would it be possible for you to bar non eligible posts once the debate has started. Otherwise I think you will have to have the patience to constantly re-educate people and spend time deleting posts.

btw. Whose original idea was it?