Putin's invasion of Ukraine

Zelensky is a neo nazi cia pupet who murdered 14.000rusians since instaled as prez
You were previously corrected on the false 14,000 figure, yet here you are citing it again. Why?

14,000 is an estimated number of people on both sides who have died since Russia's annexation of parts of Ukraine back in 2014.

The neo-Nazi thing is mostly mythical when it comes to Ukraine in general, and a total fabrication when it comes to Zelensky.

These items are straight from the Russian propaganda play book.

Why are you promoting them, scorpius? Why have you done nothing to check whether the nonsense you're spouting it true?
Wow. Even the maps you are posting are like Russian propaganda. No wonder you're not brave enough to cite your source.
They say that Truth is the first casualty of war, but this is ridiculous.

Don't any of you people care about evidence? Have you learned nothing at all from your time on this forum?
The North Atlantic Treaty Organization, also called the North Atlantic Alliance, is an intergovernmental military alliance ...
Sure, member countries have militaries that are "created for war", but NATO is first and foremost an alliance (the military part exists independently of the alliance). The purpose of the alliance is, ideally, so as not to have to engage in war. It is an alliance aimed at providing national security, defending the peace that the member countries enjoy, and deterring would-be external aggressors. War would be the result of a failure of those aims.
US and NATO allies arm neo-Nazi units in Ukraine as foreign policy elites yearn for Afghan-style insurgency
So, you believe this?


Maybe the Russians aren't killing people fast enough.
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The above is just 1 of many proposed partitionings of Ukraine found online

this may have been their ideal map but the russian advance has failed to secure half of whats on the map & will be hard pressed to advance further without heavy losses.

apparent state media in Russia say putins support has increased to an 80% approval rating
in the last 2 months.
see Russia have just hit some Ukrainian oil depots

probably as a scorched earth policy which they seem to have been running from the start
targeting residential buildings and public buildings
apparent state media in Russia say putins support has increased to an 80% approval rating
in the last 2 months.
and as you already know not a single thing RT or other Russian media orgs publish is true or even close to the truth.
Word on the ground from some people I know is telling a very different story.
US and NATO allies arm neo-Nazi units in Ukraine as foreign policy elites yearn for Afghan-style insurgency

That headline is rather more sensationalist than the accompanying article. For instance, it says:

at least 32 countries have announced their intention to ship billions of dollars in weapons into Ukraine for use against Russian forces in Ukraine. Photographic evidence shows that these weapons have already ended up in the hands of neo-Nazi paramilitaries – units which have already received training and arms the US and its NATO allies.
I'd say that "ending up in the hands of" is not necessarily the same as a deliberate US/NATO policy of "arming" these people.

The source of this story is a non-mainstream ("independent journalism") media site. I guess you had to go digging to find the kind of thing you wanted.

If you're really interested in digging down to find the truth (and I doubt you are), you might like to investigate what more reputable sources have to say about the Azov regiment.

I do not deny that there are some neo-Nazi groups in Ukraine. They are everywhere. The US has more than its fair share, just to compare, and they are also armed. Remember the white supremacists who stormed the US Capitol?

What you appear to be doing is trying to prop up Russia's "justification" for its invasion of Ukraine: that it has limited objectives such as "cleansing" Ukraine of neo-Nazi groups.

Where do your sympathies lie, sculptor? Are you with Putin when it comes to his war? Do you support the Russian invasion? All your posts seem to point in one direction. Why don't you tell us what you stand for?
Best article was from reuters.
That's not a citation. A citation would involve providing a link to the relevant article, for instance, or at least title, date, author, location where we can find it. That kind of thing. Understand?

Reuters puts out lots of articles. You're essentially sending us off on a wild goose chase to look for something you say is there ... somewhere. Put in some effort.