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I had an idea following seeing an interesting page in Japanese describing a proxy server that converts pages from standard Japanese into the Oosaka dialect (subdialect of Kansai dialect).

Using already-existing free online machine translation portals (the best ones, of course, see later in my post,) and a simple language identifier, one could make a proxy script that directs all text sent to it to the proper place to translate it (different ports for different user languages, perhaps), when the translated version is sent back to the proxy it sends it to its destination. This means that, with a little bit of organization (ie how to know which language to translate to for outgoing content), one could use a proxy server to translate webpages as well as all other content that went thru the proxy (ie MSNIM messages, AIM, ICQ, maybe IRC? not sure about these) into the user's native language from another language, or to the native language of the recipient of the content for outgoing content.

I would start a project, however I don't have a working knowledge of a scripting language.

Now I will quote myself from another website on what sites to use instead of Babelfish and

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There is a big problem with translation quality from that method of translation, the Reverso method works better. and both use it, and especially between closely related languages the output is much better than anywhere else. (eg spanish-french is more accurate that english-french, because french grammar is closer to spanish than to english)

Also, for Japanese text.

It's also a good idea to try's translation portal, they have wonderful translation especially for Asian languages.

There's also a near-perfect Spanish-to/from-Catalan translator (very useful for Spaniards) at

Arabic-to/from-English service (fairly decent, but not anywhere near perfect) can be found at (note: you may have to register for free, you have to log in for Arabic->English translation but not the other way around)

Near-perfect Malay machine translation service at and although their other language pairs certainly aren't as good as English-to/from-Malay (except malay-to/from-indonesian, they're almost the same language) they work well too.

Any thoughts?

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[Edit to re-correct Catalan URL, add 3rd W to Excite Japan URL, add note that Amikai English-Japanese-English is what powers Excite Japan's translator]
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Well, this was amazing indeed. Either we have witnessed a miracle or a case of serious hacking.
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