Proposal: Alien Abductions Are Happening

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As of this post I darksidZz challenge 2 members to debate on the topic "Alien Abductions Are Happening" Standard rules will apply.

Currently my argument will be that people are being abducted by aliens.

I accept your challenge.

Also, I'm happy to debate you by myself.

According to "Standard rules", here's how this will go:

1. You will post an "introductory" post, setting out your main arguments. I will then post an introductory post.
2. We will each then post exactly two follow-up / rebuttal posts, in which we may address and refute points made by the other person, as well as adding any new points that may come up.
3. Finally, we will each post one concluding post, summing up our arguments. Following the concluding posts, the thread will be closed.
4. Debaters each have exactly one day from the time of posting of a post by their opponent to post their next post. If they do not post in the required time limit, the debate will be declared finished, and the thread closed.
5. Debaters may not post more than 4 posts in total. Once the 4-post limit is reached, further posts by that debater will be deleted from the thread, but the thread will remain open for posts by the opponent, until either his or her own 4-post limit is reached or until time runs out.
6. Debaters may include links to any supporting information or references in their posts. They may also quote extracted sections of text from other sites.
7. Individual posts may not be longer than 1500 words, including any quotes.

You may commence the debate by starting a thread with the title:

"Debate: Alien Abductions are Happening"

Your first post to that thread will be your introductory post.

No other posters except yourself and me may post in that thread.

You should also start a thread with the title:

"Discussion: Alien Abductions are Happening"

for other members to discuss the debate if they wish.
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This forum is for formal debates. "Proposal" threads are for agreeing to the terms of a debate. They are not for discussing the topic in any way.

Once darksidZz starts the discussion thread, you may discuss the topic in that thread. Or, you can start a thread in any of the usual forums.
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