Prophetic Visions of Philosophy...


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The future, is not at all in sequence of what we imagined when it finally arrives, but rather some odd sort of compilation of; thought creating density, does have some matrionic properties, thus enabling us humans, the ability for to give birth to what the majority of their collective thought procces dwell upon.

Take this a step further...
Human will is a dominant force of energy within each & every one of us (for those who are persistant with hope)... thus this God-Like Force that eminates from what is commonly articulated as a "Soul" is often withheld by most of the populus in general, and the numbers continue to escalate untill the End Of Days.

Based upon this observation of philosophy, I can only deduce that this force cannot be destroyed, only transformed, redirected, or "Manipulated"

Repression of humanities free will by outside manipulative forces, seems the best combative manuvuex for those descending dark forces, that wish to sieze power, and force humanity to submit into slavery.

The largest obstacle that blocks humanity from ascending, and progressing to the higher levels of spiritual evolution, is that we are "shooting blanks" to fight this "Antichristo" as phropetic visions through the ages have warned. Unless the majority of the matrionic voices of humanity vibrate in in multi-dimensional resonance "Aknowledging" the existance of their own souls, all bets are off to win this one for now.

I have been telling many people for yrs. even when I was in High School back in the late 1970's that the former "League of Nations" now known as the "U.N." will someday be given power due to an uprising after the fall of the cold war era, and form a Global GVT.

Trilaterals, Builderburgers forming an alliance/merger???

Less people seem to be smiling about this lately

"Energy cannot be destroyed, only transformed"