Prophecy-Future-Whats gonna happen?

Discussion in 'Religion Archives' started by H-kon, Jun 24, 1999.

  1. Flash Registered Senior Member

    Yes!!!! Ding ding've got it

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    That is why I do not understand why so many
    buy the bit of "bible is God's word".
    There are TONS of contradictions...has nothing to do with how one should interpret it... What is so funny to me is the bible
    says that Satan is the author of confusion..
    yet, there are so many contradictions in the
    bible it will make your head spin like Linda
    Blair! LOL
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  3. Pookums Registered Senior Member

    Hey folks,

    I have an interesting problem. I have been absent for a couple of days and have noticed that this post topic has grown faster than the y2k frenzy. My problem is a moral one in nature:

    Let's argue for a minute that there are legitimate concerns that the current global trends are leading to an eventual armmageddon (be it theist or nontheist in origin). The moral problem is that I kinda view this as a self-fulfilling prophecy.

    If one believes that humans will wipe themselves out within the next few generations due to their bad behavior, then this can lead to sense of fatalism.

    If one believes that the rapture or 2nd coming (or the corresponding event in one's given religion) is coming soon, then this can also lead to the same sense of fatalism.

    My concern is therefore that if a significant number of people believe the end is coming, they may then grow to accept certain trends and situations that would most likely be considered unacceptable if they assumed there would be a future. Let's face it, we're doing a lot to challenge our own existance on this little ball and no one seems to think it's worth our time to try and do something about it.

    The point is that if we know what we're doing, than why aren't we doing anything about it? Are we doomed?

    I don't know what the answers are.

    Get your facts first, and then you can distort them as much as you please.
    -Mark Twain
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  5. rwh Registered Member

    I agree, someting is comming, and I do believe it will be a polar shift. There are many reasons to think so, manily it due. As far as our current system, what's better? The first church tryed to share everthing with each other and the needy. It did not work and did not last long. Com. has failed, so has our type of goverment.Relegion? If it is so good why do we still have all the problems we have to day? All known religons so far in mans history have failed and all the ones today have made no progress in solving the real problems of humanity, except for killing a few billion.
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  7. Tiassa Let us not launch the boat ... Valued Senior Member

    Pookums ...

    I think you're definitely onto something. My first cues to this idea started in the last couple of years:

    * We know that peace is possible in almost any circumstance, but the lack of a second superpower to administrate the global chess game means war and chaos are spreading much faster; would you rather operate on one humongous tumor, or attack the equal mass in many, smaller tumors? Apparently, the world prefers the many. I was sickly amused when the US hit the Chinese embassy earlier this year--need a war for the millennium? Our CIA is determined to deliver one.

    * When the Scottish announced sheep cloning, and Clinton dropped the moratorium on human cloning, a renegade professor in Chicago said he would clone a human being before the new millennium. The contemporary trend, it would seem, would be to regard this human creation as "soulless". Just in time for 2000, eh? (Note: I haven't heard a peep out of the guy since then, so we're all quite sure he was blowing smoke.)

    * Fuel economy in the United States is reduced to 1980 levels. Better, indeed, than 1975 levels, but not much. How red does your moon get?

    Whether the Christian apocalypse is real or not, I think it's amazing how deeply committed Americans are to pulling this one off. After all, even commerce is facing its potential apocalypse in Y2k, a situation we were well aware of at least since the first transistor computers, but chose not to fix. We're racing toward the apocalypse, and are so afraid of being disappointed, we're trying to manufacture one just in case.


    (PS--Anytime anyone says they "know what they're doing", the first thing I think is to clear out of the sector ... some firestorm will result.)

    "Let us not launch the boat until the ground is wet." (Khaavren of Castlerock)
  8. Searcher Registered Senior Member


    LOL! Yes, it would probably not be a good idea to eat green pea soup before reading some of the passages in the Bible! Like the last one I just posted in the thread, "To the Christians" (the one about women speaking in church) - that was enough to even make me start swearing like, well, like Lori!

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  9. H-kon Registered Senior Member

    Whoa people. this topic got to be the largest one here ever

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    I read through the post where you wrote you were here on the board to warn us.

    I do not know if you are scared or not, but here it the question:

    1 - How do YOU know we are being deceived?

    By that i mean How do YOU know, not your religion.

    2 - Would it be possible that New Age people have the right heart and believe in God without believing in Jesus or the Bible?

    3 - Is it possible that Christianity is the one religion and the group of people that is being deceived? Or is that unacceptable? ( Read Searchers post in "To the Christians".)

    Why i ask these questions is that i can't for the life of me believe that there are so many people have the wrong belief.

    I believe in God, but does that mean that i am wrong in my belief since i don't believe with the Bible in my hand?

    Considering the little information we have of the (supposed

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    ) aliens, how can you then know if they are Satan reincarnated so to speak?

    Abductions - They are really doing the same thing as we do to the animals in the wild. Mark them, take samples and put them back to monitor them.. Are humans Satan then?

    Yes. Something is coming our way, and i think i have some things that i could share with you on that. I will, but I am waiting for another thing to happen that will confirm it for me.

    Polar shift - That could happen

    Sun burst - very possible, leaving Earth sterile and desolate.


    "It's always easier to ask questions than to give the answers. The Questions are almost always innocent, but the answer's are most often not".

    Haakon T Haug ( aka H-kon)
  10. rwh Registered Member

    Why do you find it so impossable for so many people to have the wronge beliefes? For longer than the jewish faith has existed the ancient Egyptins had a extincive belief, even in the after life including a type of so called heven as well as the first grate civlizations in the fertil cresent.The Hindue religion is now concered to be the oldest practing religioon now on earth, not taking in cocerding some of the so called natural religiooons, wicka [pardon my spelling]. Regardless of what we thiink christanity is still the third ranking religioon in the world behind Hindie, Moslm,and Buddist. I to believe in God. But I do not belive the god we are tought to worship today has any thing in common with the real true creator.
  11. Searcher Registered Senior Member

    Lori? Are you still there? Or have you been taken up in the Rapture already? Do we get to see your figs now?

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    Haven't heard from you in awhile, just wondering if you're still with us.
  12. Flash Registered Senior Member

    LMAO...yes, it sure can make one swear!
    Come to think of it...haven't heard a peep
    from Lori today...ohhhhhhh noooooooo
    LOL...just a joke Lori. *S*
  13. Oxygen One Hissy Kitty Registered Senior Member

    Huh-huh...Searcher wants to see her figs...huh-huh.

    I came in REALLY late on this discussion, but in the future the sun will rise, the sun will set, and this old world will keep on turning with or without us.

    666 wants to see everybody's figs. He says he's got a zucchini he'll show you if you show him your figs.

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