Propellant BOX Vicansel, to reach Mars before 2020 by Victor Elias Espinoza Guedez

Then all great inventors have a difuncional mind. I to am also inventor, invented the skateboard without wheels, follows: invented a flat magnet that repels magnets we're below the skateboards.
Hardly a brilliant invention, using magnets to float things off the ground is a common thing, particularly in regards to maglev trains. Besides in order to work on the street you'd need magnets implanted into pavements/sidewalks. Yeah, that'll happen, just to make skaters more entertained :rolleyes:

And while there might be a correlation between inventiveness and eccentricity that doesn't mean that if you're wacko you're a good inventor. You don't see many people in mental institutions for schizophrenia inventing things, other than the voices in their heads.

Would I not I sneer of an invention of yours.
Criticising someone's idea doesn't require the person doing the criticising to have an alternative idea. Plus it is better to realise one hasn't got a good idea than to have a bad idea and go around extolling its supposed virtues. Something no idea is better than a stupid one.